How Long After Ambien Can I Drink (And Why)?

Exact answer: After about 4-5 hours

Ambient is a brand name, and Zolpidem is the medicine under this brand, which is made for patients having sleeping sickness. It is a type of sedative prescribed to the patient to slow down the brain activity and helps them to sleep for longer. Taking a sedative and alcohol together is a deadly combination.

Both Ambien and alcohol have sedative property, means they act for sedation by lowering heart rate and blood pressure, it makes the mind relaxing and make u fall asleep. Taking Ambien and alcohol together causes serious side effects and increases the likelihood of transferring to ICU due to its overdose.

How Long After Ambien Can I Drink

How Long After Ambien Can I Drink?

Type of dosageTime
Light 4 hrs.
Heavy5 hrs.

About one in four American experiences sleeping sickness every year. Naturally, it’s a large population who will look for the medication to treat this disorder. A night of good sleep is a huge part of a good lifestyle, good relationship, good health, and a good mood. Sleep deprivations affect health, blood pressure, immunity, relationships, mood, and so on. There are some side-effects of taking Zolpidem which include daytime sleepiness, headache, diarrhea, nausea, tiredness, and sometimes mood swings.

But taking Ambien or Zolpidem together with alcohol causes serious effects. This combination can lead to overdose and death, and it’s not at all safe to take these two together in any amount. Even if you take alcohol after that you are planning to take Zolpidem to make sure that alcohol is out of the system means taking a break of 3-4 hrs. According to the drink you take and the metabolism time consume Zolpidem.

If you have sleeping sickness and are prescribed Zolpidem or any other sedatives make sure that even if you are a frequent drinker stop taking Zolpidem and talk to your doctor about this. Ambien decreases the chances of side effects such as sleeplessness or withdrawal effects caused due to other drugs. Excessive and overdose of the sedation has the potential to worsen the situation by the effect of another secondary dependence symptoms leading to withdrawal. These common withdrawal symptoms may include anxiety, increase in heart rate, high blood pressure, insomnia, heart attack, and seizures.

If any such uneasiness due to symptoms is noticed, then do talk with your doctor about the withdrawal from it in a safe way. You can go for other healthier ways like yoga practice, regular exercise listening to music and spending time with your family, etc.

Why Should I Wait So Long After Ambien To Drink?

There are other ways are there to cope with your sleep problems. Natural and healthy practices are more beneficial in a long run, they will help you to have a better sleep. Sleep problems are is common in a person with alcohol addiction and other such substances. Usually, insomnia or sleeping sickness is a disorder that is self-diagnostic in nature, a treatment plan with medication can help but this can not be cured.

Taking both alcohol or nicotine-based things always gives bad results for those patients with insomnia-like diseases. Some people are ok with having 5 hrs of sleep however most adults need 8 hours of sleep to feel fresh but the problem for those groups who can’t sleep silently for at least 5 hrs a day. Signs of sleeping sickness include the inability to focus on any other works during day time, frequent headache, irritability, fatigue, taking several hours to fall asleep, or wake up at regular intervals without disturbances.

Good sleep is necessary for all of us to have a healthy life but in some phase of our life, we have to face sleeplessness and its effects. Alcohol itself is something that can cause serious effects in our body like the frequent drinker may feel the whole body blackout, dizziness, anxiety, euphoria, nausea, and vomiting. But when Ambient and alcohol have taken together the dangerous physical side effects are enhanced. This happens because of Ambient some of the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain. Ambient is not a benzodiazepine medication still it will show CNS (central nervous system) depressant effect and alcohol is also a CNS depressant.


Any time when any two drugs are consumed at a time and they get mixed in your system they react for which sometimes they show side effects which may be dangerous and sometimes its note reactive. Even taking Ambient and alcohol a few hours apart can cause serious physical problems. Sometimes people get addicted to Ambient drugs and begin to consume them in larger doses especially in combination with alcohol. In this situation, they need help through rehabilitation or medical supervision.

While getting medical supervision they can be able to detox themselves from the drugs and at the same time they will be supervised to get rid of alcohol too. Special social support from a therapist can help them to feel much better in that condition.


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