How Long Does An Appendectomy Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 hour

The appendectomy surgery should be done on the person only if the appendix has started to get inflamed. The surgery time may differ depending on various factors. The severity of the appendix and the symptoms of the person may influence the surgery time.

The experience of the doctors or surgeons would also affect the surgery time. Treatment of appendicitis should be done immediately with surgery, or else it would cause many repercussions.

People can get fatal infections if the appendix would burst or rupture. The person should consult the doctor to know the correct time to do the appendectomy surgery.

How Long Does An Appendectomy Take

How Long Does An Appendectomy Take?

In hours1 hour
In minutes60 minutes

The doctor would check all the symptoms that the person with appendix shows. The surgery would not go for more than 1 hour if the patient would do it during the initial stage. Delaying the appendectomy surgery would increase both surgery time and risks.

Some patients may see symptoms such as organ damage, allergic reaction, and bleeding after the appendectomy surgery. Allergic reactions may happen to the person due to the use of anesthesia. The health of the individual plays a vital role in predicting the surgery time.

The surgery time for individuals that have good health and mild symptoms would be around 50 to 60 minutes. The surgery time for individuals that are unhealthy with appendix rupture would be more than 1 hour. The general surgeon can do appendectomy surgery on all the people.

For the children, the pediatric surgeon would do the surgery. The age of the person is another condition that would affect the lasting time of appendectomy. The appendectomy surgery for adults would not be very difficult as the surgeons can make the adults understand all the steps going to happen during the procedure.

The use of anesthesia can make the procedure quite easy for both adults and children. In general, appendix issues happen to children or adults below 30 years.

Why Does An Appendectomy Take This Long?

The appendectomy surgery takes time as it includes many steps. The surgeon needs to be careful about not damaging any other organs during the procedure. The surgeon with good experience can complete the surgery before 60 minutes if the patient’s symptoms are mild or stable.

Anybody who has burst or ruptured appendix would face many difficulties in getting the appendix removed. The doctor would prepare the children before the appendectomy surgery. The doctor would give a few antibiotics to the child before starting with the surgery.

The doctor would check the health condition of the patient before starting the surgery. The doctor would ask the patient about their last meals. Before the surgery of the child, the legal guardian would have to sign a consent form. No doctor should give anesthesia to the children if the consent form is not signed by the parents.

The children that are very anxious or scared would be given medication. The medication would contain some flavors and would relax the child. The child that is extremely young would be given a space mask that contains sleep medication. During the surgery, a few incisions may be made by the surgeon.

The incision number for the children would not be more than 3. A camera would be inserted inside the body of the child through the incision with the help of a thin tube. Then the surgeon would use a few instruments to remove the appendix.

The doctor should properly clean the area of the appendix after the appendix burst. If the surgeon would skip cleaning the appendix properly, then it would cause dangerous internal infections.


The surgery time would depend on the condition of the appendix of a person. If the appendix is not burst, then the doctor can easily remove it within one hour. If the surgeon would do the whole body check-up before the surgery, then it would take extra time. The procedure and formalities of all the hospitals or clinics would be different.

Therefore, all the patients can check with the guidelines of the hospital before the surgery starts. After the surgery, the doctor may keep the patient for 2 to 3 days under observation. If you observe side effects or allergic reactions after the surgery, then you should immediately inform the doctor about the same.



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