How Long After Angioplasty Can I Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 5-10 days

The answer to this is there is no proper time duration for this. Generally, angioplasty is not considered major surgery. The life risk in this surgery is comparably minimum. You are allowed to drink a moderate amount after surgery because that will positively help you rather than putting any negative impact on the patient’s body.

Still, you need to be considerate about your alcohol consumption because excess of everything in life is bad for our health. A little countable amount of alcohol if taken then it is said to have a positive role in recovery. Especially in angioplasty.

How Long After Angioplasty Can I Drink Alcohol

How Long After Angioplasty Can I Drink Alcohol?

Light dosage5 days
Heavy dosage10 days

The purpose of the surgery is to open the track of an artery that is clogged due to cholesterol. The artery gets jammed due to atherosclerosis. You need to go through certain examinations before reaching any conclusion. The clogged track will result in lesser contraction of valves. Which afterward gives discomfort and uneasiness to the patient’s body.

Two types of material can block the track of the artery. One is cholesterol another one is calcium. Disposition of cholesterol is known as atherosclerosis and deposition of calcium is known as arteriosclerosis. Deposition of calcium is mostly rare but deposition of cholesterol is very common.

And drinking alcohol can never be beneficial for our health. But in this case, drinking alcohol in a limited amount can actually help you in relaxing the tracks that were blocked due to the deposition of unnecessary cholesterol. This is not yet proved scientifically. But various studies regarding this concept are going on. And some health experts have actually accepted the fact. But before even starting this argument we must consult our physician for better guidance.


This process can be performed under extra focus and less hard work. You will be feeling the sensation throughout the process. So for better recovery, one must go through the advice given by the physician and if the consulted physician allows then you can have a very limited amount of good alcohol. It won’t be of any harm. But you should examine yourself thoroughly before getting any drink so that there will be minimal or no risk to your life.

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Why Should I Wait So Long To Drink Alcohol After Angioplasty?

Well for answering this question let us know the reason for the arterial blockage. We live in a society that is more fond of stretch foods and instant foods rather than healthy properly cooked foods. We prefer food that takes no time to cook, easy to prepare, and tasty to eat. But the main fact is that those instantly cooked foods are actually building poison in our bodies. They act like slow poison and make our body so unhealthy that it is unable to resist any type of disease coming towards it.

The food that is cooked on a high-fat oil, absorbs all the oil and when it goes into the body it will affect our heart pathways that pump blood. That food contains trans fat which is non-digestible in our stomach and liver. The fact that it is not digestible, gradually deposits in our body and causes severe health disasters. Those trans fats are deposited in the body in the form of cholesterol and the location of its deposition is in the arteries of the heart. It gradually and eventually deposits in heart pathways in a slow process and once the amount gets high it will start to show its symptoms.

Drink Alcohol

Because of the deposition of unnecessary alcohol, the pathways get blocked and jammed for with the flow of blood gets interrupted. An interruption in blood flow results in slow heart rate, uneasiness, and all of the other heart diseases. So it’s wise to get treated as soon as possible. And surgery is being done to cut off excessive cholesterol and relax the tracks for a better pump.

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The summary of all of the above discussion is that a considerate amount of alcohol if taken with the guidance of your doctor doesn’t harm your body anyway. It will help relax your blocked paths or arteries. And various studies show that those who drink a limited amount of alcohol have less chance of arterial blockage. It mostly happens due to an unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet plan, obesity, lots and lots of fried instant food, and lack of exercise.

It’s good to approach a physician as soon as possible if the symptoms show. A little exercise every day will keep you healthy and away from unnecessary wastage of money in that surgery.


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