How Long After Pumping Can I Breastfeed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 30 To 60 minutes

To stimulate the lactation of the mother, for her child a breast pump is used. Just after giving birth or women having low milk supply are provided with this breast pump to help out with the lactation. A mechanical device, which is used to extract the necessary amount of milk from the breast of the lactating women is called a breast pump.

The breast pump is of two types. They come in both manual and electrical ways. The manual breast pumps are used by pumping with hand or leg. Whereas the electronic breast pumps are run electrically. However, any type of breast pump one may use, 30 to 60 minutes after pumping one can start breastfeeding.

How Long After Pumping Can I Breastfeed

How Long After Pumping Can I Breastfeed?

Complications Seen After Delivery:2 to 6 days
Continue Using Breast Pump.1 month
Initiation Of Milk Production.2 to 3 days

After delivering the baby, nowadays, a lot of women are facing lactation problems. Due to this lactation problem, they become unable to provide the ample amount of mother milk the newborn baby needs. These complications are seen for almost 2 to 6 days after the delivery. Hence, the breast pump is used to suck the milk out of the breast by which the baby can feed.

Once the milk production gets initiated, the milk must come out of the breast regularly, to continue the production of milk. After the first few days, the continuation of this process is really necessary. This process can be continued either by the baby itself or by the pumping of the breast pump. However, the milk production really does not depend on the amount of milk being removed, but for the milk production, the coming out of the milk is really necessary.


After 2 to 3 days of the initiation of the milk production, the milk starts coming out. But sometimes it takes one and a half to two weeks to get established properly. After this proper establishment only, the milk production will be consistent. However, the production of the milk may vary from person to person and from time to time. So, when necessary only, the breast pump must be used for help.

The production of the milk may vary throughout the day. The production in the amount is greatest during the first hour of the day, which is morning, and it gradually decreases throughout the day. Hence, it is not really necessary that every person should generate an ample amount of milk. If any trouble arises, one must use the breast pump.

Why Can I Breastfeed So Long After Pumping?

Pumping is a process that needs some time to suck the milk out of the breast. Although this process is not that difficult or that long time taking, still almost it takes almost half an hour to an hour to let the mother breastfeed her child. Once the baby finishes eating, one should apply the breast pump, by which the consistent milk supply does not get unestablished. Applying the breast pump after feeding also results in stimulating the milk supply procedure.

Somehow, it also increases the production resulting in more milk supply. It may not increase the milk supply suddenly and also a lot, but it increases, even if just a little amount. To get rid of the low supply of milk, one can also follow some methods to increase it. One of those techniques includes pumping more often and pumping the breast after nursing. The right equipment also should be used for the patient to increase the frequency.

Keeping a count of the pumping, one must pump at least three to four ounces, every three to four hours. But this pumping frequency should be maintained only after a month of delivery. And this pumping frequency may increase by the growing time. As the baby will grow, the feeding amount will also grow. Hence, the bay will need at least six to eight ounces every couple of hours. According to this amount, the mother should pump with a frequency of 36 to 48 ounces a day.


Therefore, these are the reasons why one uses a breast pump and why it takes a little time before breastfeeding after pumping the breast.


The established milk supply is one of the big things to get stabled. And until this supply is well established, the mother needs to get at least eight to ten pumping sessions every 24 hours. Staying idle without pumping for longer hours like 5 to 6 hours may arise complications. Therefore, it is better to take a step ahead of it.

Hence, the milk supply never really dries up or totally gets exhausted once it is started. But it is necessary to keep pumping using the breast pump if there is a low milk supply. And after every pump, one must wait at least for a time span of half an hour before starting the regular breastfeeding.


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