How Long After Order 66 Is Rebels (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 14 years

The entire universe of Star Wars is vast, vibrant, and energetic. It basically has nine movies with stretched length telling one single story. It is a continuous story related to the world of samurais.

It’s quite enticing at every point. It includes the two versions of Star Wars and two series, which are animated. The Rebels is one of the animated series. Another of the same species is The Clone Wars.

People say cartoons are only for the entertainment of kids. Adults should not watch cartoons. But, that’s not always correct. Adults can even enjoy cartoons and legendary ones as they are enjoyed by people of every age group.

One only needs to get some basic information regarding what to watch, when to watch, and in the chronological manner in which they should be watched. The Clone Wars comprises 6 seasons. It was first published in 2008 and the last season was published in 2014.

How Long After Order 66 Is Rebels

How Long After Order 66 Is Rebels?

No. of seasons4
No. of episodes75

The Star Wars Rebels is an animated series divided into 4 seasons. These 4 seasons are further subdivided into 75 episodes. Each episode takes 23 minutes approximately.

It talks of a teenage boy who lives on the street who wishes to be a Jedi. He joins some groups comprising of rebels who indulge in adventurous missions of campaigns against the Galactic Empire.

It is set in a particular timeframe between Episode III and Episode IV. It was released on October 3, 2014. It describes a minor group consisting of rebels who reside far. They reside in the ship named Ghost.

There are many rebels including an orphan named Ezra, a pilot, and some veteran fighters. They have formed a group to create and spread resistance against the devilish empire. The plot is no doubt, very enticing and promising. At the beginning of the series, there is absolute peace.

This absolute peace within the rebels sets the atmosphere for the upcoming storm. It is this absolute peace that evolves into rebellious resistance in no time. The progress and change from peace to the rebels are very fascinating and interesting.

The Rebels Series starts 4 years before Episode IV. The general prologue is even-minded captivating. It says that the story starts at such a point of a dark time when the devilish empire is busy expanding its control over every world.

It is capturing every world it comes across. As the story sets in, the empire has conquered a world and has commenced ruling with rash rules thereby making men cry. Most of the men of the world are afraid to stand up against the rule but few dare to stand up to put an end to this foreign rule.

Why Is Rebels So Long After Order 66?

In the Rebels series, we have few main characters and five other minor characters who stand up to form the six famous rebels. They are the protagonist of the play. Although the number of characters increases with the number of seasons, the main focus lies undeterred from the group.

These six rebels are the crew of the ship Ghost. The main protagonist Ezra is an orphan who hails from the conquered world. He wants to revenge on the death of his parents, who were first imprisoned by the foreign rule and then executed. During the course of the series, he earns many best friends.

These best friends help him complete his mission and make his world free from the rule of devils. The next character is Harris who has successfully survived Order 66. He is armed up with few weapons as the leader of the community of rebels.

The next character who is a part of the rebellious group is Hera. She is a female character and the owner of the starship being used for the mission. She is even the pilot who promises to assist the rebels in accomplishing their mission. She doesn’t like the method of applying force but she has great skills in weapons.

Hera is followed up by another female character named Sabine who provides a continuous supply of weapons to the crew. She even had her own personalised weapons for her own safety. She is followed by Zeb and Chopper.

Zeb is a male character who is a guardsman by occupation. The people of his world were the first ones to rise against the cruel rule of the devil empire. Their rebellion was answered back by a massacre that suppressed them. He is very intelligent and loyal and promises to serve his nation till the end.


Chopper is a minor member of the group who is actually a part of the crew of the ship. He steers the ship and has no lead roles in any of the seasons. He has played a pivotal role in saving the life of others in perilous situations.

Every story has some interesting points. Each season is filled with thrill and experience. One will never regret watching the series. This series is highly recommended. One should surely watch these series.

Rebel can be called a sequel to the other animated series, With an enticing plot and mind captivating story it has gained a lot of popularity amongst the audience, it was a popular hit from the very day of its release. Anybody watching the series would undoubtedly enjoy it and would even recommend others.


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