How Long After Buying Car To Register (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within 1 Month

The Regional Transportation Number is the unique number attached with all the vehicles running on the road. It is required to track down the activities of vehicles running on the road. It is a unique identity given to a newly bought vehicle in any region of any state of the country.

As soon as you buy a new vehicle, you must make sure that it has a registered number from the Regional Transportation office. Right after buying, a temporary registration number is issued to the buyer for his/her vehicle, but it needs to be followed up for a permanent one within 30 days of the purchase.

How Long After Buying Car To Register


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How Long Does It Take to Register After Buying A New Car?

Type of RegistrationTime taken
TemporaryAt the time of purchase
PermanentWithin 30 days

When a new vehicle is bought, the vendor/dealer issues a temporary vehicle number. This temporary number clearly signifies to the user that he has to get his vehicle permanently registered at the regional Transportation Office. The temporary number is valid only for a short duration until the user finally gets the permanent registration number.

The permanent number is registered with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway through the local Regional Transportation Office. The application has to be made within 30 days of purchase. The buyer then receives a Registration Certificate with the permanent number which cannot be changed under any situation or circumstances. However, if the buyer wants to shift to a new state, he has to register again with the local RTO of the region.

The regional Transportation Office charges a certain amount of fee depending on the service it provides. For registering a two-wheeled vehicle, the registration cost taken is INR 300 while for a four-wheeler the cost may extend to INR 3000 as specified in the rate list of the services. The cost also depends on few factors like usage, import, etc. For an instance, the registration cost of heavy goods vehicles is more than the passenger vehicles; the imported vehicles are registered by paying more amount than other vehicles made in the territory of the native land.

Why Does It Take That Long?

The maximum time till which a temporary number can sustain a vehicle is 30 days from the date of purchase. Thus before the expiry of this period, the buyer has to complete the process of obtaining a registration certificate for his/her vehicle. Sometimes, the buyer authorizes the dealer or vendor to apply for the registration process on his behalf.

While applying for registration, the buyer needs to submit a few documents to the regional office that includes identity proof of the buyer (PAN card), address proof, temporary registration issued by the dealer, sale certificate of the car, original invoice, etc.

It is mandatory to get your vehicle registered as per Motor Vehicle Act, 1998. When the buyer applies for the registration of the vehicle in the regional office, he has to go there on the date given by the officer for the verification process of the buyer and the vehicle bought. The officer makes sure that all the details mentioned in the application match correctly to the buyer and the vehicle. The verification process takes few days after which a registration certificate with the permanent number of the vehicle is issued to the buyer.

With this, the process of registration completes within 30 days. It depends on the buyer how early he applies for it but the latest period extends to 30 days from the date of purchase according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1998. Registration is a mandate which ensures that the vehicle is in the proper surveillance of the transportation authorities.


While going for registration, one is advised to take the complete set of documents to the office, along with the payment for registration. The Ministry of Road Transportation also provides online applications for the registration of vehicles. It can be done at However, for the physical verification, the buyer is required to reach the office at the prescribed time to get the vehicle inspected. The sooner application is filed for registration, the earlier the registration certificate number is obtained. However, the delay cannot be made for this process beyond 30 Days from the date of purchasing the vehicle.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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