How Long After Certifying For Unemployment Will I Get Paid In Illinois (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Days To 1 Week

Every state has an organization or a team called the employment development sector which works on the benefits of people who are working in Illinois. The department of employment offers many benefits to all the people of Illinois who are either registered as employed or unemployed as well.

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How Long After Certifying For Unemployment Will I Get Paid In Illinois?

Different Methods To Apply For Unemployment InsuranceTime
Unemployment insurance online method12 hours to 1 day
Unemployment Insurance Mobile method1 to 2 days
Unemployment insurance tele-cart method1 to 3 days
Unemployment insurance mail method5 days to 1 week

A person can get certified for unemployment insurance to receive the benefits in 4 different ways, that is, online method, mobile method, tele-cart method, and mail method. Depending upon the method by which the person chooses to claim the unemployment insurance benefits, the time it would take to get certified also differs.

The unlimited insurance online method is the fastest method among all 4 methods to get certified for unemployment to get paid in Illinois. In this method, the person has to login into the government portal of Illinois for the unemployment development department to get certified. It takes only a few minutes to log in and then get certified. On average, the process can be completed from a minimum of 12 hours to a maximum of 1 day.

The second method is the mobile method in which the certification process is done over a mobile call. In this method, the person has to log in to the portal if he does not want to report wages and work done by him or her, unlike the online method, in which the person has to report for work and wages.

The third method is the tele-cart method in which the person has to call the number provided by the unemployment department of the Illinois government. It takes about 1 to 3 days for the certification to get completed through this method.

The last method is the main method in which the person has to mail all the paperwork and documents to the designated address provided by the unemployment development department of the Illinois government. This process takes about 5 days to 1 week to get completed and the person to get certified.

Why Does It Take That Long To Get Paid After Certifying For Unemployment In Illinois?

To get certified for unemployment by the Illinois government and receive its benefits is a completely legal procedure that takes time because all the documents are needed to be verified by the government officials and the data to be validated as well. Thus, to reduce the time for the complete procedure of verification and validation to be done and get certified, one must ensure that all the documents and data provided by him or her are completely up to date and abide by all the rules and regulations provided by the Illinois government.

If all the documents are correct and the data is validated then it would not take much longer for the procedure to be done and consequently the person would be certified earlier than normal as well.

To provide the correct documents, it is important to know what all documents are required in the procedure so that anyone can arrange those documents beforehand and thus not much time is wasted during the procedure. In all the general cases, the documents that are required to get certified for unemployment in Illinois are: 

A passport size photograph, State ID, License ID, or any other valid identity proof, Employment history for at least the previous 18 months.

Some of the benefits offered by the department of employment are:

  1. Paid family leaves
  2. Food assistance
  3. Financial support
  4. Housing assistance
  5. Disability insurance
  6. Essential needs assistance


Once the person gets certified for unemployment insurance provided by the unemployment development department of the Illinois government, the person receives all the benefits depending upon the person’s employment history and current financial status. The maximum amount of benefit that one can receive under unemployment insurance according to the Illinois government is $484 per week. If there are any extensions to this amount then the person would be notified.


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