How Long Can A Person Be Out On Workers Compensation (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two Months

Health issues are a severe issue in people’s day-to-day life. The whole standard of living of a person collapses when there is an injury. There are different reasons for a person to take workers compensation. People can fall sick, take maternity leave and adoption leave. Due to their taking leaves, they are allowed to take rest for that specific period.

So to cope up with the situation, people rely on Worker’s compensation, more popularly known as worker’s comp. The compensation provides short-term monetary benefits to unemployed or unable to work due to maternity and adoption leave or suffering from an illness. Dependents of a deceased employee can also get this benefit.

How Long Can A Person Be Out On Workers Compensation

How Long Can A Person Be Out On Workers Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is given to those people who get injured while working. The injury can be minor, or it can be a big one making the person unable to work again. You will receive your compensation benefits based on all these things. Most states offer compensation benefits of up to two years, and some states are shorter than that, and very few states provide benefits longer than that.

After applying for workers’ compensation, you may have to wait for a week or more to get the benefits. Another important thing is that you have to keep looking for new work while taking compensation because these benefits are not forever. It is possible that you might not be able to return to your job in the given time frame. Health conditions are not in control of anyone, and hence there is no absolute time frame when a person will recover. For example, if your job is a field one and your leg is injured, you can work as a part-time writer or something similar until the time you recover.

Type Of Workers’ CompensationTime To Be Out
Major injuries like brain damageOne year
Other injuries like hand fractureTwo months

If a person is heavily injured, such as in the brain, one-year benefits can be provided. In contrast, if a person gets his hand fractured, the benefits will be given for at most two months. The exact time depends on the severity of the injury caused to a person, but it lies in the above-mentioned range.

Why Can A Person Be Out For That Long On Workers Compensation?

In some states, you should have worked for six months or more to be eligible for compensation benefits, whereas, in some states, you should have earned a certain amount of money to be eligible for the compensation. As I said before, these benefits are not forever. These benefits are temporary. After applying for the benefits, you should keep looking for a new job because if you are not actively looking for a new earning, the benefits will end earlier than the actual period.

Usually, you can get the benefits for up to two years, but the benefits end as soon as you return or get a job. Consider a situation where your hometown is a different place and work in a different place. Then, your eligibility for the benefits is based on the state you were working in. Applying for compensation benefits is a tedious process. First of all, you have to make sure that you are eligible for these benefits as per your state requirements; you should know the complete information about these benefits like actual phone numbers, the amount you can get weekly, and so on.


Applying for compensation is a hectic process and takes a long to process the claim entirely. Certain formalities that are needed to be taken care of before applying. In general, it takes almost a year to complete the entire process. A person should start the process by going to the department of labor office and sign the worker’s register. After four weeks, they should come back to sign to show that that person still needs compensation benefits. If a person could not come after four weeks due to illness, they should bring the doctor’s note on the next signing day.


Overall, it can be concluded that there are still people out there who need help and are unaware of these benefits. Therefore it is our responsibility to help people know about workers compensation. Everyone must learn the importance of compensation benefits which helps the nation grow.

On average, a person is allowed to be out on workers’ compensation for two months, but this can change depending on the severity of the injury. The documents should be all properly organized, and one should have the utmost patience. The process should be all legal, and if facing any problem, it should be clarified by the department of labor.



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