How Long Can I Visit Europe After BREXIT (And Why)?

Exact Time: 90 days

Brexit is a word when we combine the two words which are Britain and Exit. It is the term that is given when the United Kingdom has left the European Union. So, we say such a thing. Europe is a continent that lies on the earth. European Union is not any state but a system that is a political system. European parliament controls European Union.



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Basically, United Kingdom polled about if anyone wants the UK to be part of the European Union or not. So, many voters ask them to leave so they left. The United Kingdom has formally left European Union. It is not participating in the making decision for the European Union.

How Long Can I Visit Europe After BREXIT

How Long Can I Visit Europe After BREXIT?

If a person wants to go and visit for a shorter duration then he or she won’t need any type of visa to European Union countries. After the Brexit, if anyone wants to live there, they can live up to only 90 days. United Kingdom government has made changes too. Said if anyone wants to enter Schengen then your passport must have 6 months validity. This is being given without any announcement or warnings as such.

The landlord of Britain can rent their property after Brexit. Both European Union and Non-European Union can let the people stay for a longer duration if someone wants to spend holidays there. If you want to visit there on a temporary basis then you can live there without any visa. There is a short-term traveling between both EU and UK.

If anyone wants to remain in Spain then the citizens of the UK can live there only for three months not more than it if they don’t have any sort of visa. But if they want to live for 90 days then they must have a visa for it in a time period of six months. You can get a visa from Spanish Embassy. If someone wants to live in their other additional residence home for more than three months then they have to apply for a long-stay visa so that they can live there for more time.

Particulars Time
With Visa6 months
Without Visa3 months

Why Does It Take So Long To Visit Europe After Brexit?

Since there can be many reasons for the delay in visiting European Union. One is not having any sort of visa to travel there even though that person is a part of the United Kingdom. So, according to that, it varies. Also, both European Union and the United Kingdom had signed the agreement about the BREXIT. So, the time varies. There is also a trade and cooperation agreement between both of them.

ICAO is giving excuses to all about changes made by the UK government and so the delay process accordingly. Now, there is less freedom to move in Europe so it affects the more the people. If someone is suffering from any sort of health issues then the EU has allowed them to live there and hence increases their time to live until they become fine are able to move too.

Also, it depends upon the validity of the passport. If your passport is valid for up to 10 years or has six months validity to be used then it won’t affect your living in Europe after Brexit. Some people have stayed so long that it directly affects them by banning their living in the European Union. Hence, the time for stay varies.


For citizens who are non-European Union citizens if want to overstay for more than 90 days period for every 6 months period of time then they can suffer from many problems, even they have to give many penalties also they can be banned by the EU. You should be careful while living in Europe and should know for how many days you have lived.

But there is an increase in tax only when anyone rents the place for your holidays on EU and Non-EU. If you are having a passport and you are a citizen of the UK then you can travel anywhere in the European Union, although you can or cannot have your visa it doesn’t matter.


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