How Long After Clone Wars Is Rebels (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 14 Years

In the world Star Wars, Rebels is a 3D series in the category of “science fiction.” It is produced by Lucasfilm Animations, which was established in the year 2003 and had its first major production like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which was released in 2008.



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The Star Wars is an American media franchise that was created by George Lucas and is expanded through various films, series, video games, etc. Star Wars: Rebels takes place when the Galactic Empire is trying to hunt down the Knights of Jedi. The Rebels take place after approximately 14 years of the war of clones in the Star Wars universe.

How Long After Clone Wars Is Rebels

How Long After Clone Wars Is the Rebels?

The Clone Wars began as a film which was released on 15 August 2008 and debuted as a series on Cartoon Network in October of the same year. The series received a great response from both the audience and the critics, praising the makers for the amazing cast, visuals, writing, and action. It was also nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards.

The Star Wars Rebels were released in between the break of the sixth and seventh season of the series clone wars. It included several characters from the Clone Wars series, for example, Captain Rex and Maul.

The Clone Wars series started in 2008 and went on until 2014, with six seasons of the show and the seventh season in 2020. Whereas Star Wars Rebels consists of four seasons, started in 2014 and going on until 2018. The plotline of Rebels starts 14 years after the Clone Wars in the Star Wars cinematic universe, and five years before “A New Hope” begins. The Galactic Empire is surviving and hunting down any left survivor of their enemies, Order 66.

The clone Wars season one was released in 2008, with season two in 2009, and further until season six in 2014. Season one of Star Wars Rebels was released in 2014 October and season two in 2015, further going on until season 4 ending in 2018 March. The series Star Wars rebels had people like Taylor Gray and Venessa Marshall alongside many others, which made the series a delight to watch.

The Clone Wars2008 to 2020
The Rebels2014 to 2018

Why Is Rebels 14 Years After Clone Wars?

The Clone Wars is situated in the three years which happen between “Attack of the Clones” and the story of “Revenge of the Sith.” The Clone Wars series plot the story of differences between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The series is considered a bit longer as there are six seasons with 22 episodes in each of them.

The series carefully takes into consideration each of the characters and blows their story into bigger perspectives with details, making the viewer familiar and feel close to their favorite characters of the show, whoever they might be.

The Star Wars Rebels, on the other hand, is situated 14 years after the Clone Wars in the Star Wars cinematic universe and five years before “A New Hope.” The Star Wars Rebels cover the story of how the Rebel Alliance was formed and also ties up the cliffhangers from The Clone Wars of where the characters such as Ahsoka, Rex, and Maul went away.

The center story of the Rebels revolves around the character named Ezra Bridger, who is an orphan on the planet Lothal, and is recruited by a group later realizing are the Force-Sensitive.

Most of the Rebels seasons are placed between the timeline of 5 years before the Battle of Yavin and just before “A New Hope” in the Star Wars cinematic universe and after 14 years of the Clone Wars which happens 22 to 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.  

As the show is placed after a huge gap in the timeline, the characters are naturally shown a bit older than what is seen in the Clone Wars.


The Star Wars Rebels is a science fiction series which is produced by Lucasfilm Animations. The production was established in 2003 and their first major production was Star Wars: The Clone Wars which was released in 2008. The Star Wars Rebels was released between the hiatus of the sixth and the seventh season of the series clone wars and comprises four seasons, ranging from 2014 to 2018.

The series covers how the Rebel Alliance is formed and the center of the plotline is a character named Ezra Bridger, and also gives answers to the cliffhangers of the Clone Wars about where the characters Ahsoka, Rex, and Maul went away.


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