How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 year

Learning a new instrument is a wonderful way to grow as a person. Music is a universal language that everyone is able to speak and understand. The piano is an instrument that speaks quickly, loudly and through the soul of those individuals who play, it. The piano is like no other instrument because it allows you to hear a tone by just pressing one key.



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The initial greeting between piano and player takes no skill at first but will need skill to really play the instrument, not just poke at it. But how long does it take to learn piano and why does it take as long as it does?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano

How Long to Learn Piano?

Piano TypeTime
Grand1 Year
Upright6 Months
Electric3 Months

There are many variables that help decide just how long it takes someone to learn how to play the piano. Because playing an instrument is a lifelong master, it really depends on which standard and which style of music one is trying to learn. However, there are a few factors that affect how long it takes to learn and to which length, such as:

Self Taught Vs. Professional Instructor

Those who learn by watching videos or other instructional materials can expect to learn the basics, and therefore other aspects, at a slower pace than those who pay an instructor to help them. Of course, depending on your learning style, that may differ.


The more you practice, the quicker you learn. This can be said for most things that depend on skill-building.

Natural talent and age

Bigger hands can reach the keys and have better coordination than children’s hands. Because of this, it’s usually easier for adults to handle a piano. However, sometimes natural talents will play a huge part in your learning timeline, so this should also be considered.

Overall, one could expect to learn the basics of the piano within a few weeks, and may even be able to play a few standard, simple tunes after the same amount of time. True skill and mastery takes much longer and should be explored throughout a lifetime.

But Why it Takes That Long to Learn Piano?

There are many reasons why learning the piano takes as long as it does. One of the biggest reasons being that the piano isn’t definite, and one could always improve and learn new things with the instrument. Those who partake in learning piano should consider the task a lifelong journey and should enjoy it as such.

For those who want to learn how to play just a song or two, it’s realistic to understand that their learning time will go much faster, but for those looking to enjoy the skill throughout their life, they should expect it to take much longer, and should also expect to constantly be growing and mastering new techniques, styles, and songs.

No matter your end goal, the piano takes this long to learn because it’s an accumulative skill, though, after a few weeks, one could easily learn a few songs and the basic skills needed to build on. Most of all, learning the piano should be enjoyed, rather than rushed, the amount of time it takes you varies by how much you put into it.


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