How Long After Crowning Is Baby Born (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After A Few Contractions

Crowning is the stage or the phase where the baby’s head reaches the vagina and is ready to be delivered. Most of the babies are born after a few contractions after crowning and it is during this period when the vagina opening stretches to fit around the baby’s head.

In other words, crowning is the final period before your baby is born. Once you reach this stage then you just have to move forward and within the next few minutes, your newborn will be out. Women giving birth to their young ones for the first time should be allowed to push for three hours.

How Long After Crowning Is Baby Born

How Long After Crowning Is Baby Born?

What is crowning?The phase where your baby’s top head can be seen.
What crowning feels like?The phase is quite painful because the mother will feel irritated in those areas where the tissues have been stretched.

Pregnancy is a long journey and if you can take care of yourself for nine months then you will give birth to a healthy baby. However, since the journey is quite long there are many changes that are happening inside your body while you are pregnant.

Crowning is the phase where your baby is about to be born and soon you can hold your baby in your arms. But, the process can take several hours once you start labor and the process is quite painful in case the mother has opted for normal delivery.

Crowning new baby

Crowning happens during the second stage of the labor and this is when you have to push and make effort by yourself under the guidance of a medical team to deliver your newborn. Once crown happens you need to keep pushing so that the baby is out.

During this period the medical team present or the doctor might ask you to push it slowly because your tissues could need more time to stretch. In case the baby is too big for your vagina to handle your doctor might widen your vagina a little by making a small cut called an episiotomy.

Why Does It Take That Long After Crowning Till The Birth Of Baby?

The time taken for your baby to be born after crowning could vary from one person to another. As mentioned earlier that if your vagina is unable to push the baby forward then the doctor might need to make a cut so that the baby is out and this could take up some time.

However, you should not rush during this moment or during this phase because the doctor himself would ask you to push slowly and to take your time. Your body needs some time because during this phase you will experience a lot of pain.

In case you have been given a certain medication before the procedure then you might not feel much pain during your labor. But, most women are able to push the baby out of their vagina by pushing which is a natural process.

Crowning new baby

Before you are taken to a separate room you may be asked to practice breathing exercises and the doctor will ask you to relax a bit. It would also help a lot if you distract your mind a bit during this time because you will feel nervous. However, you should also know that labor feels different for every woman.

Your family members should try to cheer you up during this time so that you feel motivated before you deliver your baby. There is nothing to worry about because you will be holding your child in your arms.


Once you have given birth to your young one then you still have to take care of yourself because your body would still go through some changes before everything becomes normal. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by making the right choices when it comes to eating habits and other hygiene-related habits.

You might even poop when they are in labor and this might be normal for most women and there should be nothing to worry about. This might happen when you are pushing your baby out right before the baby crowns. However, this should not worry  you because everything is safe.


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