How Long Can A Person Go Without Showering (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 3 Days

Cleanliness is very important to live with good health and wellness. Showering is not only good for you but also good for the people around you. A normal human being baths every day. Some people hate bathing, which is bad. Some people don’t bathe regularly. Is this good? Obviously, no.

You start stinking and no one will come near you. You won’t smell bad and can go out confidently without being judged by others.

How Long Can A Person Go Without Showering

How Long Can A Person Go Without Showering?

Not showering for how long?What happens?
More than 3 daysBacteria starts to build-up
For a monthBacterial or Fungal infections on the skin
For a yearSmell awful with infections and brown clumps on the skin

A person can go on without showering for as long as they want. Of course, you will not die but you will have some health problems and skin diseases. If you don’t bathe properly, the dead cells from your body will be accumulated on your skin which may cause bacterial and fungal infections.

So, how long can you go without showering? Some might say that showering every day is a must and some may say that showering twice a day is good and some others may say that showering once in 2 days is enough and some may say that showering once a week is enough. And some people say that showering is not necessary.

Showering every day prevents us from diseases and skin infections and it removes the dead cells from our body and removes odor from our body. Too much showering is also not good for our body, as it removes certain bacteria which is in fact good for our body. Can you stay near a person who doesn’t shower at all? Obviously no, they stink.

Consider a person who has to work in a chemical factory every day. Is it ok if he doesn’t shower? It is dangerous. Sleeping with the chemical on his body every day is dangerous for his health. The same goes for the man who takes out the garbage for us. These people have to shower twice every day which is good for them and their surroundings. Therefore, personal hygiene is a must and everyone should follow it.

Why Can A Person Go Without Showering For 2 To 3 Days?

According to research, a normal person has to shower once in 2 to 3 days. Our skin has a large number of small pores which can get accumulated by dirt easily and thus causing blackheads, fungal infections, heat boils, pimples on the back, neck, and face, and so on. Showering is a way to clean our skins thus preventing our skin from damage.

Our body sweats a lot which is the major cause of bad odor from our body. Deodorants can be effective for only some time. Sweat contains a large number of bacteria and therefore if you are in a job where there is a lot of physical work that makes you sweat a lot then make sure to shower once or twice a day. Thus you will feel clean and calm.

Showering regularly not only keeps germs away but also helps in improving blood circulation. It also helps reducing stress levels. Preventing infections is one of the main reasons to shower every day. Your skin can be affected by allergies, rashes, and many other infections easily. Using soaps and body washes while showering helps to remove the dirt, sweat, excess oil, and dead cells from our bodies and prevents our bodies from stinking.

Even a normal shower without using soaps is good for us and also bathing too often can make your skin dry and remove all the natural oils produced by our bodies and can lead to cracks in our skin. So showering every day is good and if you hate bathing kindly shower at least once in 2 to 3 days and prevent yourself from rashes and infections.


Consider you stop showering. At first, you will smell bad. Then brown clumps will start growing on your body as your skin gets accumulated with dirt, oil, and sweat due to pollution. Dandruff is a common problem even for people who shower regularly. It is much worse for people who never shower.

So showering has to be a routine to live a healthy lifestyle. If you hate showering that much think about the people around you who you love and add it to your routine for them. As much as you hate showering, you cannot deny the fact that showering is a way to clean up the body and also is good for health.


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