How Long After Did Rio Meet Kate (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Year

The film industry and sports may be a distinct part of society but they are not far apart. Both industries have established a connection with each other. Even if they might be different but both of them keep up with each other. There are many instances where a person from the film industry marries a person who is into sports. The most well-known pair might be David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

Following David Beckham’s footsteps, his fellow Manchester United teammate, Rio Ferdinand also tied a knot with Kate Wright, who is also from the film industry. After the demise of Rio’s wife, Rebecca Ellison, in 2015, Rio met Kate after one year in 2016.

How Long After Did Rio Meet Kate


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How Long After Did Rio Meet Kate?

Rio’s SpouseTime Married
Rebecca Ellison2009 – 2015
Kate Wright2019 –

It was one year after the demise of Rio’s first wife, that he met Kate Wright. The first time they met, they were in Dubai in 2016. They were friends at first. Rio retired from football in 2015 and had been working as a football pundit in one of the sports channels. He mostly spends his time with his kids after Rebecca’s demise. The coming of Kate in Rio’s life was a boon because she can support Rio in hard times as well as give the care of a mother to the kids.

The passing of Rebecca Ellison was not normal, she was suffering from breast cancer. When she left, her children were not even teenagers. Their eldest child was Lorenz, who was eleven years old, Tate was nine years old, and their youngest child was Tia, who was seven years old. When Rio and Kate came into a relationship, she managed to win the hearts of the children and became a mother to them.

Kate Wright was a reality show actress. But she quit her job to be with Rio. In one of her interviews she mentioned that after falling in love with Rio, she met the kids. She could not help but fall in love with them too. She did not doubt herself to support Rio, but she also could not take her eyes away from the children. She felt that her life was going to change.

Rio and Kate were officially engaged in November 2018. While they were on a vacation, Rio suddenly asked her to marry him and she agreed without hesitating.

Why Did It Take Long For Rio To Meet Kate?

The circumstances under which Rio was under were not easy. The year 2015 had been good to him. He lost two of the most precious things in his life. First is Rebecca Ellison, his beloved wife, and the second was retiring from football, of which he was a part for almost two decades. It takes time to get back on feet again. Rio needed that one year to get himself sorted out and get back moving again.

After any separation, it is good to take time before jumping into another relationship. It helps a person to correct his or her mistakes. The one-year gap is perfect for Rio. He needed to be with his kids in harsh times and finally met Kate in 2016. They had been dating for a couple of years before announcing their engagement. Then in 2019, Rio Ferdinand married Kate Wright in Turkey.

Not only in Hollywood but there are film industries from other countries also who have connected up with sports personalities. For example, Gerard Pique getting married to Shakira. There are a lot of occasions where the two main attractions of the entertainment industry came into a relationship.

After getting married, the happy couple announced in June 2020 that they were expecting a baby. Many people congratulated them, both from the film industry as well as from football. Before Christmas, the couple welcomed the youngest member of the family and named her Cree.


Starting from the fans to his former teammates, everyone was happy when Rio Ferdinand got engaged to Kate Wright. They wished him for his future with her. The United Arab Emirates is a lucky place for both of them. They met in Dubai for the first time and got engaged to each other while on a vacation, which was in Abu Dhabi. Rio needed a push in his life and Kate did that beautifully.

Kate is a loving wife and Rio is a caring husband. Together they make a great couple. The kids have now grown up they love their stepmother a lot. The Ferdinand family is busy with the arrival of the new member, but they are happy.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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