How Long To Beat Subnautica (And Why)?

How Long To Beat Subnautica (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 45 to 55 hour

After so much access subnautica has finally been completed. You have to attempt to solve the mysteries of the ancient aliens the kara virus explore the beautiful ocean plant of subnautica. There is also a camera in the game. So, go ahead and grab it because you can take it pretty far away.
Not only that but the scanner room can go ahead automatically for important resources in the bio. Use the equipment no matter where you are in the game. It is the best building and survival crafting game that has come out in a very long time. You can go ahead and add a glass compartment to a glass corridor. And they are fantastic for admiring the scenery inside Sub-Nautica.

How Long To Beat Subnautica

How Long To Beat Subnautica?

The centerpiece of every base in subnautica is the multi-purpose room. The multi-purpose room can be built for six titanium. It can be built fairly high up above any ground surface. Once, you built it the legs will extend which gives you a small spherical room with sox access points to add corridors hatches, and windows too. You will need a hatch to get into the room.

However, once that is built you will get this message when you enter HABITAT: WARNING: Emergency Power only, Oxygen Production offline. Unfortunately, these rooms do not have oxygen in them by default to get oxygen and lights.
You will need to get some power. If you are in the safe shallow the solar panel is a fantastic way to get reliable power.

You go ahead and put that onto the roof and it will slowly start to generate power to your base and produce oxygen for you to breathe. However, If you have thermal jets near you.
You can create a thermal plant and the thermal plant is a very efficient source of getting power to your base wirelessly.

Just place it near the hot jets. It will generate power, it’s a bit too far from your base if the jets. If the jets are too far you can build a power transmitter and chain them all.

The way back to your base to get wireless power. You can see, where the power is going by looking at the blue lasers that are coming from the power transmitter and just link them back to your base. Another means of generating power is to use the bioreactor. The bioreactor is an engine that can take any biological substance and turn it into electricity. This included plant life moral samples.

Even fish you can throw into the reactor. Then you will start to generate electricity. This is very useful if you are building a base in a cave.

Time taken to beat Subnautica.

Average time to complete Subnautica55 hours nd 30 min
For all play styles48h 20 m

Why Does It Longer To beat Subnautica?

For example – When there is no sunlight and there may not be any thermal jets nearby. Your final option is nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors are a fantastic source of electricity. It gets you a lot of power. It gets it to you very fast. However, the nuclear rods used to power it takes a lot of resources to built and it does use those rods fairly quickly. So, honestly, the recommendation is to use for solar panels all the thermal plants.

If you can so now you have built your first multi-purpose room put a hatch on it and put oxygen into it. Now it’s time to build your base you can stack multi-purpose rooms of each other to make multiple stories on your base. This is very useful if you are trying to use it to build a base in a very confined space. And you can access this second floor by using a ladder in the interior first floor.

You can line up the ladder using the black mats that you can see on the floor to access the second floor once. You have gone ahead corridors to all the access points around your multi-purpose rooms and their corridors can go ahead. A half other multi-purpose rooms attached to them. So, you can build a little network of tunnels. You can also go ahead and add a window to their corridor.

If you want to get a look outside you have three access points on these corridors. So, you can add two windows and also hatches as well as or even reinforcement plates. And for those things you out there who will love to admire the graphics of this game.

Unfortunately, you only get one access hatch to add an extra corridor, or rooms or windows but they look glorious and they do give your base an awful lot of character. If you want to have a quarter on your base you do have this corner compartment.

This is very useful if you want to be able to turn a corner but not use the multi-purpose room too. Then add another straight corridor to help to make it look pretty and do a good job. Another thing you can do is the vertical connector to make other stories to your base. And this vertical connector to chained together to get more height to your base.


In subnautica just be careful flying them around the little stalker fish. Unfortunately, the stalker does like to collect anything metal including these cameras so, if you take them near those make sure you go-ahead and remember where the cameras were left so you can go ahead.

You will get some controllable cameras that you can pilot manually to go ahead and take a good look around in the environment. You can go ahead and check for some inside caves take a close look at that deadly Leviathan. You don’t want to get too close for the sake of your health and start to admire the scenery.



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  1. The time to beat the game is longer than I expected. I hope it’s worth investing such a significant amount of time into it.

  2. The average time to complete the game seems quite reasonable considering the depth of content and exploration it offers. Looking forward to diving into it!

    1. Absolutely, the game’s vast world and intriguing mysteries make the playtime feel immersive and worthwhile.

  3. I’m a bit skeptical about the power generation methods, it seems like it could be quite complex and time-consuming. Can anyone confirm?

    1. Yes, the power generation can be quite complex, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes an exciting challenge to maintain and optimize your base’s power resources.

  4. I love how the game allows for so much creativity and customization in building the base. It really immerses you in the game world.

    1. Absolutely, the building mechanics are very intuitive and the ability to create multi-story bases is a game-changer.

  5. I enjoy games that provide a balance of creativity and strategy. Subnautica seems to excel in both aspects, making it an intriguing game to explore.

    1. Definitely, the blend of creativity in building and the strategic power management creates a compelling gameplay experience.

  6. The power generation methods seem like an interesting aspect of the game. It adds a new layer of strategic planning and resource management.

    1. I love how the game incorporates various sources of power generation. It really adds depth to the gameplay.

  7. The game seems to offer a wide variety of power generation options. It’s impressive to see the level of detail and realism in the gameplay mechanics.

    1. Absolutely, the game’s attention to detail in power generation adds a sense of realism and immersion to the experience.

  8. I’m not sure if I have the patience for a game that requires such meticulous attention to power management. It might take away from the overall experience.

  9. The power management mechanics may be challenging, but it adds an element of realism and practicality to the game. Definitely a unique aspect of Subnautica.

    1. Indeed, the power generation system reflects the essence of survival in a dynamic and evolving underwater environment.

  10. This game looks absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to explore the beautiful ocean and solve the mysteries of the ancient aliens with the kara virus! Definitely adding this to my list of games to play.

    1. Yes, the game is a masterpiece. The building and crafting mechanics are just excellent and realistic. You will not be disappointed!

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