How Long to Beat Metro 2033 – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 19 hours

Metro 2033 is a horror video game played from a first-person perspective. The game was released in 2010 by 4A Games, who developed the game, but THQ published it. You can find the game in Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. This game features survivors of a nuclear war who live in underground Metro tunnels. As a player, you are expected to control Artyom and help him kill his enemies. After conquering the enemies, players should take ammunition from the enemies to use them to kill the other enemies lurking within the tunnels.



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Vendors also sell ammunition used to kill the enemies, although escaping the enemies is another way of fighting them by avoiding confrontation. Since this game is featured at a time after a nuclear war, the earth’s surface, including some places in the metro tunnels covered in radiation. Gas masks are used as protective clothing for the player, which sometimes are destroyed or worn out. The players are expected to find new masks before the radiation destroys them.

How Long to Beat Metro 2033

How Long Does it Take to beat Metro 2033

Every game consists of four main categories that a player passes through in order to fully complete a set. The main story is the part where the player can see the credit rolls. The player at this stage is expected to achieve the main goals of the game. Most players have recorded to play the main story for nine and a half hours. In the main story, the players go past the prologue to the play itself, which is killing the enemies following Arytom and taking their weapons.

The second category of the game is the main story plus the extra medals and quests. During this level completing additional tasks that are not part of the game adds extra points to your score. In Metro 2033, actions such as feeding the homeless in the course of your struggle with the enemy add additional locations. The player is supposed to take their time and learn his enemy’s tactics in order to conquer them in the next levels. The players discover hidden tunnels and how to use the weapons from the enemies for survival. It takes 11 hours and thirty-minute to beat this level

In the Completionist level, the player maximizes skills gained in the main story in order to achieve medals in their ability. This level expects 100% of efforts to win against the enemy. It takes about 19 hours to beat this level.

The Combined level takes about 10 hours and thirty minutes to beat the game. This level, also known as all styles because here, the player has the liberty to use every technique within the game to defeat the enemy.

Why it Takes That Long to Beat Metro 2033

The different levels of the game- different levels take different durations to complete the expected tasks. The Completionist level makes the most hours because this is where the player maximizes his skills to defeat the enemy. The player should give 100 % of their abilities and maximize every power and chance they have.

The main story takes about nine hours only because it is like an introduction where the player is expected to learn the main objectives and work toward achieving them. The combined level is also shorter because it is like a conclusion to help the player gain a bonus in their achievement.

The level of skill in a player is also a determinant in how much time a player takes in paying Metro 2033. If a player is experienced in playing games such as Metro 2033, they have clues, and they are familiar with the rules of the game. Experience goes a long way in performing these types of games.


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