How Long Does A Landlord Have To Fix A Mold Problem (And Why)?

How Long Does A Landlord Have To Fix A Mold Problem (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

Mold refers to the growth of fungus whether inside it outside the house. There are more than two hundred thousand types of fungi that may classify as mold and grow in filaments and gets reproduces by spores. As may be inferred, these are microscopic and the landlord would be legally required to fix that problem.

Mold can have several unfavorable effects on the health of the person living in such a house. It can lead to redness, coughing, and experiencing difficulty breathing for the people living in such a house. Moreover, it can also cause asthma attacks and a burning sensation in the eyes and nose.

How Long Does A Landlord Have To Fix A Mold Problem?

Time VariableTime
In Days30 Days
In Weeks4 Weeks
In MonthsA Month

It would be the responsibility of the landlord to inform the tenant about the possible presence of molds in the house. Landlords in New York and California are required to inform the tenant of the situation in writing before the tenant moves in. This will help them to make better decisions about whether to move into the property or not.

The landlord can also give access to the tenant to inspect in person the site of mold to make their decisions. However, if the tenant finds certain additional molds in the property, they can report them to the landlord. The landlord is legally bonded to eliminate the molds from the place to provide the tenant with a suitable habitation.

A landlord is liable to fix a mold problem within 30 days or a month. Speaking in terms of weeks, the tenant should have the mold cleared up within 4 weeks of reporting the problem to the landlord.

If the landlord refuses to eliminate the mold from the property, the tenant can opt to knock on the doors of the court. Even if the presence of mold in a tenant’s place is not an offense in every state, not providing a safe living environment to the tenant is certainly a recognized offense. The landlord can be held guilty of showing negligence towards a serious cause of a health problem.

Why Does A Landlord Take So Long To Fix A Mold Problem?

A multitude of factors influences the growth of molds. Besides these, there are conflicts between the landlord and the tenant regarding who shall clear the molds. There are court fights among them and these factors influence the time taken by the landlord to clear the mold.

Landlord and tenant blame each other saying the growth of mold was due to the actions of the other party. The tenant argues that since it is the landlord’s property, the latter should clear the problem. On the other hand, the landlord argues that since the actions of the tenant have caused mold, they are liable to handle the situation.

Among the factors that may lead to the growth of mold are excessive garbage, excess humidity, and bad housekeeping. These bad conditions lead to mold and the tenant is liable for that.

The abundance of garbage in the property compounds leads to the growth of mold. If there is dirt, dust, or any form of biodegradable garbage, it will provide all the necessary conditions for the growth of mold and boost its upswing. Thus, there should be a clean environment to stop the growth of mold.

Excess humidity is another significant factor that accelerates the growth of molds. High moisture in the air is great breeding support for microorganisms and occurs when there is rain or some source of water left opened.

Better homecoming is a food way to prevent the growth of mold problems. This may help to cure the problem of its roots.


Mold is a microscopic fungus which several potential adverse effects including wheezing, coughing, and irritation in the eyes and nose. The landlord is required to fix the mold problem within 30 days of its written reportage by the tenant.

The growth of mold in a place is affected by several factors. Abundance of humidity, unhygienic conditions, and bad housekeeping are some of the key factors among those.


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