How Long Is Air Force Basic Training (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Eight And A Half Weeks

Among millions of careers in the world, some choose the military, and to protect their country. Being in the military is tough and requires a ton of sacrifices. There are over tons of rules to follow, and many things to know about. The military isn’t just about one thing, there are many divisions and the training is critical and tough.

Some choose the navy, some choose to stay out on the borders and protect the country from external dangers, like wars and ammunition. When somebody wants to join the military air force, just like every other division, they need basic training.

Air Force basic training can be really difficult, but only when it is completed will the person be allowed to join the military.

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How Long Is Air Force Basic Training?

Stages in Air Force Basic TrainingMilitary Time
Setting up the dorm0630-0745
Lights Out2100

The BMT (Basic Military Training) takes around about eight and a half weeks, which can seem like a really short time, but there are many things that one can learn from this little time.

Each week starts a new phase of training and the timing mostly doesn’t differ. They sometimes might, because of which the country the military air force belongs to. To become an air force army member, the person who applies for them must be very professional, punctual, and consistent in what they do.

It all begins in week zero and ends in the middle of the ninth week. Before going into military training, one should prepare themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and keep up the consistency.

Basic military training is a challenging experience, and it will transform a person in every way. It will change the person into a confident airman or airwoman, by teaching them the skills they need to become excel in the field. After going through the complete training, if the person is up to the mark, they will become a member of their Air Force. When one completes their basic air force training, they will receive the salary they deserve.

According to the facts collected right now, when one completes their basic air force training, they get paid around $1599 per month or about $19,198 a year.

Why Is Air Force Basic Training That Long?

The recruits will be paid on the first and fifteenth of the month, and the pay mentioned above is received by the recruits who were recruited directly after they complete their high school. The most important thing that one should follow while they are at military training camp is that they should follow the principles and the timing. Punctuality means a lot in the camp. The camp operates and the higher officials send out their orders in military time, which, unlike the normal time, starts at 00.00 and ends at 24.00.

The recruits must get up at 05.00 and exercise until 06.00, and after that, breakfast time is around 06.00 and lasts only till 06.15. After that, the dorm must be set up within 0630 to 0745, and then the day begins. After the entire day is over, the recruits must go to bed and switch off all the lights, when they hear a tap and “lights out”, from the officials.

There are multiple reasons why the air force basic training lasts for around 2 months. All the stages of the training will be split and scheduled so that all the recruits get the attention and training they require. There are some exercises and skills offered, but some aren’t, like swimming, which is for the Navy and Coast Guard in the military.


Before recruiting them, they will be tested with physical and aptitude tests. For example, one requirement and standard every air force member must meet, is they should do a certain number of push-ups, sit-ups, and abdominal circumference.

There are many other activities the recruits will be trained to do on a normal basis like they will be dropped in the middle of the air, which is called airdropping, and this will help them in the future, while they are trying to save some survivors of any war. They also learn basic parachuting and static line jumping operations, just like many other training ways.


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