How Long After Weight Training Should I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 45 minutes

Being fit and well is the new normal in today’s time. Everyone wants to be physically sound and eventually, that helps in being mentally fit as well. To be physically alright, certain gym sessions and fitness training are randomly necessary. These fitness sessions include weight training, upper body training, lower body training, and several other different types of workouts.

However, having a proper diet is as important as hitting the training session perfectly. The proper amount of carbs, fats, proteins, and nutrients are highly necessary to fill up the needy human body. And, to maintain this proper health after having an exhausting training session, one must follow a specific proper timely designed diet course.

How Long After Weight Training Should I Eat

How Long After Weight Training Should I Eat?

Waiting Time To Have FoodMaximum 1 Hour
Amount Of Carbs To Have 1.5 Grams/kg

While having an intense workout session one person loses most of the energy present and produced earlier in his body. To regain this high amount of energy, it is recommended by experts to have a proper diet within 45 minutes post-workout. In specific, weight training is simply exhausting and energetic.

Hence, before hitting the gym for lifting weights, one must be richly provided with carbs, protein, and fats to perform well. The work of carbs is to supply the body with the ample amount of glycogen and energy one needs during a yoga or gym session.

Hence, having a proper diet before lifting weights helps a lot. And, if one wants to eat after the weight training session, he or she must have his food within 45 minutes after the training. This proper diet containing carbohydrates will help in decreasing the muscle soreness one may feel while training. It is normally developed if one works out hard for like, 45 minutes or an hour. They sustain tiny tears in the muscles. Hence, this carb-based food within 45 minutes would help in building up the soreness of muscle.

It is often advised by some researchers that one must delay a little after the workout sessions, for having the food. This delay may extend a little longer to one hour or one and a half-hour. This research was based on some people, who felt more exhausted after the weight training sessions, that food was not a great option while they were fumbling for breath. Hence, this timing also depends on the health and energy level of the person. But mostly, it is 45 minutes.

Why Should I Eat So Long After Weight Training?

During the process of weight training, a normal person mostly loses a lot of his or her breath. If an oximeter is used, it could be seen that the oxygen level decreases a lot during the training session. But it is not a matter to worry about. Because, after the training session, it again regains its pace.

But this process takes a little time. Hence, it is also advised to not consume water also, after the sudden accomplishment of the training. Hence, a little time must be allocated to have a proper breathing schedule. It takes almost ten to fifteen minutes to regain the breathing pace. After that, one may take some water and wait to return to its normal stage.

Then only one may start taking some food to restore the energy for the body. In the food, one may include banana, which can give a proper outcome, after the workouts. This can help in reducing inflammation and replenish the glycogen stores in the muscle. All this would ultimately react to a quick recovery of the muscle.

Not eating proper and quality food can also put some adverse effects. In women, it may come out as negative muscle balance. Which can propel the muscle to break down the muscle more quickly than the body can regain and repair it. As these lifting and strength training programs require adequate nutrition, without proper food, one may lead to loss of tissue present in the muscle. Hence, having a proper diet within a proper time is not only a good decision but also a very fruitful one to regain muscle power easily.


Hitting the gym and lifting weights with an empty stomach is just like planting a tree in the desert. It is never going to be fruitful and it would indirectly decrease the energy level. It is also going to hurt the grains if you lift with an empty stomach, or you are not having a proper diet after the training.

Sometimes, you may take a little longer after the training session to have your food. But one never delays the timing for more than one hour post-training. Hence, one must not fear, if it would increase weight after the exercise, and should have the proper diet to maintain the body’s primary sources of fuel.


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