How Long After Cremation Are Ashes Released UK (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 1 to 2 days

The process of exposing a dead body to intense heat and flame to transform the bone and the tissues of the body into ashes is known as cremation. This whole process is fairly conducted by professionals in a place called the crematorium. Inside which, there would be an already built oven, which is called a crematorium chamber.

This whole process is arranged when the identification process is fully completed and if any religious works are there are completed. It mostly takes two to three hours to complete this whole process of turning the body into ashes. However, once it is done, the ashes are submitted to the funeral director and one can collect the ashes within one to two days, or a maximum of three days, in the United Kingdom.

How Long After Cremation Are Ashes Released UK

How Long After Cremation Are Ashes Released UK?

To the funeral directorAfter 2 hours
To the members of the deceased1 to 2 days

It takes two to three hours in a maximum amount to complete this whole process of creating a dead body. The parts of the body like bone fragments are further placed inside a cremulator to be soiled down into the ashes, which also resemble sands. 

The ornaments and jewelry are which would be on the dead body would be broken down or taken down before the cremation process. This is done as there would be some non-combustible substances within it. The final step includes the coffin to be placed inside the cremation chamber, where, the fire would go down the hole into it. The temperature of the combustion chamber may increase from 800 degrees Celsius to 1000 degrees Celsius.


The coffin is cremated along with the dead body and everything inside. Every other process is done before the coffin enters the crematorium chamber and other rites were performed.  As, once the coffin enters the crematorium, legally it is never allowed to anyone to open it or do anything wrong with it. If the relatives of the deceased wish to, then only a couple of them are allowed to witness this end-of-life process. Although, some relatives also stay there for two to three hours to collect the ashes of the deceased.

Hence, it is that two to three hours in a maximum, for which you would have to hold yourself after the cremation before the ashes are released in the UK. Or it may also get delivered by the funeral director within a few hours of the cremation or on that day only.

Why Are Ashes Released So Long After Cremation In UK?

It is not that simple process to get a dead body get cremated. Although, the time limit has almost decreased with the coming of the electrical cremations, yet it takes almost one to two hours for the completion of it. 

Once all the religious rites and the medical formalities, including the identification process are completed then, the body is taken to the crematorium, carrying within a coffin. It then just the crematorium employees work to make the work done. One may also face a little delay in this, for the reason may be due to some technical glitches faced within the crematorium or with the funeral services.

Although floor burial continued, cremation has become so carefully related to valor and manly virtue, patriotism, and navy glory that it appeared because the handiest became the end for an epic life. Over a protracted perspective, duty for the disposal of the lifeless in Britain has surpassed from the neighborhood and private to the remote and institutional. It has surpassed families, neighbors, and parish clergy to medical professionals, funeral administrators, and neighborhood authorities.

Sometimes the delay may take a lot of time of up to twenty-four hours for the starting of the cremation, but usually, it takes a couple of hours. Once the cremation is done, the crematorium would place the remaining within a plastic container. The funeral director may also place the ashes within an urn if that urn is chosen by the family before. The ashes are removed from the cremation chamber and are put on a cooling tray, once the cremation is over. If found, any metal pieces are then removed, and remaining fine gray ashes are placed in a temporary urn.


If someone does not take the ashes and leaves the ashes in the cremation center only, then the crematorium would get the ashes scattered over the gardens of remembrance. It is a special area, which is specifically designed for the disposal of the crematorium ashes. Hence these are the reasons and processes why it takes this amount of time to get the ashes released after the cremation, in the UK.


Although biding a final goodbye to someone is a very personal sadness one deals with. Still, these are the process one goes with to complete the final work. To get the ashes from the cremation center, one must bring the required identification and can collect the ashes after the cremation.

Hence it is a time process of a couple of hours, which are needed for turning the deceased body into flames, but completely waiting for the body to get flamed, cooling down the ashes after the burning, allocating the urns to the allotted ones, is the time-consuming process. Therefore, it takes almost a day or two to get the ashes released in the UK. However, the process may also increase to three days sometimes. 


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