How Long After Fetus Dies Before Miscarriage (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Before One Week

Miscarriage is a terrible result of pregnancy. It is not only a shock to physical health, but it destroys the mental and emotional state of mind of parents who want to have a family. This is a health condition that can’t be predicted or controlled by neither patient nor a physician. So being emotionally stable is much more important to try again rather than any health condition.

When the females conceive, their uterus develops a disc-shaped part called the placenta. The placenta helps in flourishing the womb of the mother and helping the embryo with oxygen and nutrition. When the baby is born, it is detached from the placenta to separate the baby from the mother’s body.

How Long After Fetus Dies Before Miscarriage

How Long After Fetus Dies Before Miscarriage?

There are several processes by which you can find out about the fetus being healthy or not. And for answering this question, certain medical studies are going on. Researches are being done to dig out the actual cause of this. Still, when you do the procedure, there is very little chance of miscarriage happening. See, the central fact is how your uterus is healing after the procedure. Because a healthy uterus can never lead to miscarriage. Being positive in these cases is the main secret of success. You can stay in touch with your physician for the whole pregnancy time to avoid such circumstances.

According to the physician’s instructions, go for tests and all. Ultrasound is necessary to know the position of the baby inside the womb. Before this, some of the tests may be advised for not taking any risk. Your physician knows what’s best for you. This process can only be done under expertise. Because though the chance is less, it’s still risky for the fetus. It is a very delicate process as your amniotic fluid will be taken out in a small amount; it still needs your and your physician’s utmost attention. It would help if you were in touch with your physician all the time, even after the process is done.

Type Of MiscarriageTime For Fetus To Die
Incomplete miscarriageBefore one week
Missed miscarriageBefore three weeks

In case of incomplete miscarriage, the fetus dies before one week. In contrast, the fetus dies before three weeks in a missed miscarriage.

Why Does It Take That Long For Fetus To Die Before Miscarriage?

If your uterus is not healthy enough to carry the features, then it will cause miscarriage. But there is the fact that everyone should remember that it’s not the fault of parents. Even after one miscarriage, there are so many chances of having a healthy pregnancy. Half of the time, the reason behind miscarriage is the baby’s chromosomal loss. The cause of miscarriage is still under research. Sometimes it may be due to poorly treated diabetes and some primary health condition for answering why it is to detect all the problems lining in our body which could be a cause of miscarriage and treat it properly so that the subsequent pregnancy will be healthy for both fetus and mother.

You need to go through the proper advice of your physician and follow the correct diet regarding health. Staying mentally healthy is also very important in this concept. A considerate amount of junk food is also allowed for cravings. Regular checking by physicians and the mother and her family’s combined effort will lead to a successful pregnancy. Staying optimistic in those days is what matters.


It takes that long for the fetus to die before miscarriage because the tissues start falling one by one. Generally, in cases where the baby is dead, the mother may get symptoms like pain in the womb and bleeding which resembles their monthly menstruation.


Overall, it can be concluded that to avoid all those things that create problems in your and your baby’s growth; your body should be healthy. It would help if you did not worry about the mishaps after all these tests. But one thing you should be worrying about is preventing all of these situations. Having healthy education and counseling helps a lot in this matter.

On average, the fetus dies before one week of miscarriage. Once you are mentally and physically ready, ask your gynecologist for proper guidance to try again. Only when the baby has a heartbeat can one be ensured that the baby is alive. The death of a baby in the mother’s womb is miserable.


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