How Long Does It Take To Conceive (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Conceive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 Months – 2 Years

Women are blessed with the ability to procreate to prevent their species from getting extinct. Females can carry a young one inside their body and can grow their family ahead. The process by which females create an embryo by fertilizing an egg is known as conception.

Conception is the time when sperms from the male body enter the female body through the vagina during intercourse and finally reach the uterus where it fertilizes the egg present in the fallopian tube inside the female’s body, thereby leading to the formation of a zygote.

Conception in time ultimately leads to pregnancy in females. However, if the egg is not fertilized, then the woman might not become pregnant.

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How Long Does It Take To Conceive?

Conception happens during the ovulation period, which occurs at the midpoint of a woman’s menstrual cycle. During ovulation, one of two ovaries present inside the female’s body releases an egg with the view that it might get fertilized and that particular woman might be able to conceive. The egg released then travels down to the fallopian tube where it may get fertilized if any sperm is in the vicinity.

Whether conception will take place or not comes down to appropriate timings. The woman’s reproductive system should be functioning correctly and must duly do its job to release an egg at the appropriate time to make it ready for fertilization. On the other hand, the quality of the man’s sperm also matters as it is responsible for fertilizing the egg inside the woman’s body.

For a safe conception to occur, a woman must release a healthy egg good enough for fertilization. Most women are unable to conceive either due to fact that the eggs released in their body are not suitable enough for fertilization or either the sperms with which the eggs are fusing are not of high quality. Just one sperm is needed to fertilize the egg and thus, only when all the conditions are satisfied, a woman can conceive.

It is not possible to say an exact period as to when a woman might be able to conceive as it depends on various personal and physical factors. Some women might conceive quickly and could get pregnant earlier, whereas for others this could take a long time. In the end, it all comes down to one’s reproductive health.

Women’s Age GroupDuration
16 – 26 yearsApprox. 6 months – 1 year
32 – 38 yearsApprox. 1 – 2 years

Why Does It Take So Long To Conceive?

Conception happens successfully only when both men and women are ready and have salubrious reproductive health. A man’s sperm needs to be motile to be able to make its way inside the woman’s body till the fallopian tube where it could fertilize the egg to enable the process of conception inside the female’s body. Also, the ovulation process needs to happen seamlessly inside a woman’s body for the fertilization of the egg to happen.

Only after all the conditions are conducive enough, a woman can conceive. After the process of fertilization happens, a woman may become pregnant. However, it must always be remembered that a successful conception does not mean that the pregnancy will occur and the young one will be born. Sometimes there could be unfortunate conditions like miscarriage even after conception due to some health issue.

It must be noted that as women get older, they go on becoming less fertile than they were when they were before. Thus, it could be said that older women take longer to conceive than younger women. As the women get older, they face several difficulties to conceive, and thus, sometimes they are unable to conceive.

Fertility could be a problem that could lead to a delay in the process of conception. Infertility could be an issue for both men and women. In most cases, ovulation failure is the reason behind the inability to conceive. Thus, when one is trying for a baby for 1 – 2 years without success, it is advisable to visit the doctor for professional advice.


Conception is a process whose duration cannot be determined accurately. It depends on several factors like the person’s age, general health condition, reproductive health, etc. As all these factors vary from person to person, we observe some women being able to conceive quickly while others could take longer.

When the egg inside the female’s body is fertilized by the man’s sperm, conception takes place. Longer duration for conception could be disheartening for some, but one should remember that it’s normal. However, if anyone is concerned about one’s reproductive health, it is recommended to take expert advice in this regard.


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