How Long After Roku Died Was Aang Born (And Why)?

How Long After Roku Died Was Aang Born (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Immediately after Roku died

Roku is an avatar having fire as his nationality and is the immediate successor of the avatar Kyoshi. He was born in 80 BG and being aged 70 years, died in 12 BG. His wife’s name is Ta Min. Some of his allies are Fire Sages, Kaja, Fang, Rina, Sud, Sojin “etc”.

Though Sozin turned out to be his enemy in the later time. He uses the elements as his weapon when in a battle. Firebending, waterbending, and air bending are his fighting styles. Aang comes out to be his immediate successor as the avatar.

How Long After Roku Died Was Aang Born

How Long After Roku Died Was Aang Born?

CharacterLife span

There are distinct kinds of avatars with unique skills and respective obligations. They hold responsibilities which are ought to be accomplished even if one needs to put his/her life on the line. Turning back towards the duties is not a demeanor of an avatar.

Roku was such an avatar, with fire as nationality as well as in his eyes. His first appearance was as a statue in the Southern Air temple and his last appearance was in Remembrances. Though his actual form appearance as avatar Roku was in the second part i.e. Winter Solstice.

The character Roku was voiced by James Garrett and Andrew Caldwell. Andrew Caldwell played the part of young Roku. Roku was an ace in bending all the four elements to use it as a weapon by twenty-eight. He was able to pull it off at such a young age. He was no less than a Hokage because he died at the age of 70 on a volcano protecting his comrades and people.

Aang Born

He didn’t realize his upcoming death at such an age but no matter how much power you are acquainted with, complete perfection is something that can’t be found anywhere. Mistakes are part of life and people are bound to do it, but what matters is how as an avatar one faces it and reacts to the consequences. Roku was profound too, just like the Hokages of the Hidden Leaf Village. It is always a fact that with great power comes great obligations to accomplish and prove worth.

Why Was Aang Born So Long After Roku’s Death?

As already mentioned, Aang is the immediate successor after Roku lost his life on the volcano trying to save his people and comrades of his nation. Aang is the avatar who was intentionally used as a weapon to erase the last trace of Fire Nation by the Earth kingdom General.

Due to the restriction of the 8th chakra, Aang couldn’t enter into his avatar state and maintain it. He was not even able to activate the state through rage or defense tactics which is a way to enter into the avatar state. But even if he couldn’t enter the avatar state, it doesn’t mean he died while trying the state.

He was not a fragile avatar. He also had the company of one of his ally members named Katara who saved Aang using spirit water from the north pole when Azula had attacked Aang. Even though it is true that Aang was not able to enter the avatar state by trying rage and defense tactics, still he did enter into the avatar state by activating his chakra power and unleashing his inner strength.

Aang Born

After that, not only he entered the avatar state, he also maintained and controlled the state. He had to succeed Roku because having a worthy avatar is a great relief for the comrades and people of the land. Works of the A rank level can only be performed by an avatar and it becomes very essential to announce a succeeding avatar after the former collapses for some reason.


Being an avatar is a cumbersome and yet a very vital job. It takes a lot of sacrifices to reach the level and control the breaths. Only the genuinely worthy ones can attain the title of an avatar. Activating the chakras is like using a two-edged sword and that defines the endurance an avatar must be having.

Roku and Aang are the legendary avatars who once possessed a lot of capabilities and enormous power to accomplish their tasks, no matter what it took. Roku died at the age of 70 and Aang breathed as an avatar for 166 years. Their fame was something to get inspired from and that’s why they will always be in the Bingo book of the fans.


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