How Long After Lunch Can I Workout (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Least Half An Hour

It is natural to feel lazy after lunch as it is a natural chemical process of the body. Every time we have something to eat, our body secretes melatonin. It is a hormone produced in the brain which helps in controlling the sleep-wake cycle of the body. This hormone informs our body that it should take a rest after lunch.

But it is crucial to go for a workout after having lunch as it will help improve a person’s concentration. Also, the body’s digestion process will be enhanced by the workout, and the person will feel better. If an individual takes a rest after having lunch regularly, it can lead to obesity and get fat.

How Long After Lunch Can I Workout


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How Long After Lunch Can I Workout?

After a person finishes lunch, various types of hormones are secreted by the body. The released hormones transform the amino acids present in the food to serotonin which is further transformed into melatonin. The quantity of melatonin produced varies according to the type of food consumed. Any food filled with proteins and carbohydrates increases melatonin production, thereby inducing laziness in the person. It is crucial to keep the body involved in some physical tasks so that the tiredness of the body can be neglected. It has been observed that rice consumption in lunch induces more laziness as it contains more fat.

The food items taken during lunch contain mainly cereals and pulses, rich in protein and carbohydrates. This induces restlessness because the amount of protein intake is comparatively high. After lunch, the body transports maximum blood towards the digestive system to digest the food taken. This transportation of blood may leave the brain with comparatively less blood than its requirement, thereby leading to drowsiness. Drinking plenty of fluids, including water, can also help the body because it fastens up digestion. It is best to cut down heavy meals into small meals taken in short time intervals.

Type Of LunchTime After Lunch For Workout
Light LunchHalf an hour
Heavy LunchOne hour

It is advised to do a workout after lunch but with a time gap as doing a workout immediately will stress the body too much. After a light lunch containing snacks and juices, a workout can be done after thirty minutes. If a person feels very hungry and has taken a heavy lunch, then one hour gap between lunch and workout is more than sufficient.

Why Does It Take That Long After Lunch For Workout?

According to various researches conducted, doing a regular workout is even known to reduce the pain and cramps in the neck muscles. It can even prove beneficial in cases of back pain which is a worry for significant professionals. Excessive stress may lead to the secretion of cortisol, which may affect the functions of the body. The removal of excess fat is beneficial for the body in small amounts. Large amounts may affect the body and may lead to other problems, including weight gain and depression.

However, some people even claim that doing a workout after lunch or any meal may lead to problems in digestion. This leads to hindrance in the absorption of certain essential nutrients of the body. But, researchers have confirmed that doing a workout after lunch helps boost immunity and keeps the body in shape. Taking regular rest after lunch may lead to an increase in the body’s acid levels, thereby increasing acidity. An increase in acidity levels may lead to heartburn and gastrointestinal problems.


It takes that long after lunch to work out because the body needs some time to digest it. As soon as the food enters the body, the enzymes start working on it. If exercise is done immediately, this process might be hindered.


Overall, it can be concluded that working out is an excellent stimulant that helps in improving metabolism. It activates the body for worldly calls at workplaces, thereby increasing the level of alertness. It even helps to fight laziness and can be good for digestion. One should do a workout at least once a day.

On average, it can be concluded that a workout should be done after a minimum of half-hour after lunch. If heavy lunch was taken, then a one-hour time gap is required. If a person feels lazy and tired after lunch, it may be because of the nutrients taken.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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