How Long After Concealed Carry Class To Get Permit (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 3 Months

Conceal and carry classes cover the basics about using pistols, which is also sometimes referred to as Concealed Carry Weapon Training.

It is important to learn how to handle a weapon like a pistol safely, and how it works for the safety of the owner as well as people around them as it can be life-threatening if used the wrong way.

Some states require a concealed carry weapon training before giving out licenses to carry weapons like a pistol. Even without that, CCW training is very much needed.

The degree of how much training the state requires depends upon their law, but the basic gun safety course is mandatory for all.

How Long After Concealed Carry Class To Get Permit

How Long After Concealed Carry Class To Get Permit?

A concealed carry class or the “permit” is required as proof that the person can carry the weapon like a pistol safely and would not harm the people around or themselves. Many states require the person to complete a concealed carry class to get a permit for the weapons.

The concealed carry classes instruct the person about how to carry a weapon, its proper maintenance, safety measures, and how to use it as basics. Although the basics remain the same, additional things might be there as the rules vary from state to state. Hence, the person should first check all the requirements of their state of residence before applying to any class.

The main adjective of a concealed carry class is to teach the basics of handling a firearm and ensure the safety of the people around them following the state. It also gives insight into where the handgun could be carried and where it is banished from being carried.

A concealed carry class has to definitive period, the length of the class or the course would entirely depend on the kind of class – online or offline, and the method of the instructor. To take an in-person class, there is no permission required; however, if a person desires an online course, they would need the permission of the government or the state.

The gun is not required for the concealed carry class as the person would only be able to buy a gun after they get their permit which takes about 2 to 3 months after they have completed the course.

Mode Of ClassPermission
OfflineNo Permission Required
OnlinePermission From The State Is Required

Why Does It Take 2 to 3 Months After Concealed Carry Class To Get Permit?

A concealed Carry Class is essential for the safety of anyone who chooses to carry a firearm with them and to ensure the safety of people around them. It focuses mainly upon things like maintaining a firearm, how to carry it safely, and some basic self-defense shooting techniques.

The state requires people to complete a concealed carry class before getting a permit to carry any form of firearm. It takes about 2 to 3 months to get the permit after the person completes the class. There could also be a live shooting test in some states as the course structure of the concealed carry class depends upon the state of residence.

An online concealed carry class could cost up to $40 to $60, however, if there is any “free of cost” class it means they would be charging for the certificate which is what matters to get the weapons.

The concealed carry course would be divided into 2 to 3 parts – the compulsory classroom education, the live shooting part is optional, and the written exam which is compulsory for all states.


A concealed carry certificate or permit lasts up to 2 to 5 years, which again is depending on the rules of the state of residence. Some states would want to keep the duration shorter to ensure time to time if the people carrying the firearms are safe enough for society. The minimum validity, although, is one year.

Even though there is no age requirement for the concealed carry class, the person must check the age requirement for the permit as it varies from state to state.


A concealed carry class is a basic introduction about how to carry firearms, how to maintain them properly, along ensuring the safety of the person carrying them and the people around them.

States require some sort of a concealed carry class before giving out permits to the people for firearms. The class structure would be depending upon the rules of that state but the basics like self-defense shooting techniques and safety measures would be the same all across.

It takes 2 to 3 months to get a permit after a concealed carry class and even though there is no age limit for the class, there is a limit for the permit and hence the person should check their state rules before applying.



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