How Long After CCW Class To Get License (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 3 months

CCW license refers to Concealed Weapon carrying license. It is generally required to transport weapons in vehicles. Before getting eligible for the license, one needs to undergo the training procedure which is specially developed for persons wishing to carry licensed weapons with them.



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For instance, let’s take the example of a gun. A gun is a simple instrument that is used by criminals to murder other persons, by professional shooters to win their games, and for self-defense by every common man. But, the gun is meant to destroy anything which falls in the path to its target. During the CCW training, every trainee is taught about the utility of the weapons and the risks involved.

They are even taught about how to use the weapon safely. It is basically the process during which the general information regarding the weapon is provided to the trainees.

How Long After CCW Class To Get License

How Long After CCW Class To Get License?

Minimum Time3 months
Maximum Time6months

Every individual desiring to own and carry a concealed weapon must undergo training to get a basic idea about the weapon. The usage of the weapon is even taught during the training. Hence, the training is very essential. Not every one of us can own a licensed, concealed weapon. If there had been such provisions, then the number of murder cases would have increased drastically to uncontrollable levels.

This is why certain requirements make one eligible for carrying a licensed concealed weapon. Different countries have different eligibility criteria. While some of them are too strict, some of them are too lenient. The minimum training which every trainee should have is the basic safety course on guns. There are basic eligibility criteria for many states.

If someone wishes to go for the training only for self-defense, then he can go for personal CCW training. The training ends with a certificate that ensures that the individual has sufficient knowledge to carry the weapon. The training certificate generally remains valid only for a period of 3 years, after which it has to be renewed again. After having the training certificate, one needs to fill the application form and submit it to the issuing authority.

After the submission of the form, there may be a formal performance round which the trainee has to go through. On performing well in this round, the license is approved. The entire process takes a long time. It depends on the country where one wishes to get a CCW license, and on the desired weapon.

During the performance round, the skills and techniques of using the weapon are tested. Hence, one needs to go through the training carefully failing to which he may not be able to get the license.

Why Does It Take So Long To Get License After CCW Class?

The CCW training is not provided to every individual. One needs to state a valid reason justifying his necessity to undergo the training and own the weapon. Generally, only armed personnel are eligible for the CCW training and license. The application form would also demand a satisfactory reason stating why the individual wishes to carry the weapon.

The time taken for attaining a license after training depends largely on the weapon. Some states and countries have longer deadlines than others. While in some states, it is possible to get the license within 30 days, in other states the process takes a longer time. Sometimes, it even takes 6 months to get the license.

While completing the application form, one also needs the agree to the legal rules and regulations he should abide by while owning and carrying the weapon. The form also requires the identity proof of the country. One needs to practice extensively to get the license. The performance analysis round is generally tough. Do not sit idle waiting for the license.

Instead, keep practicing and improving your skills. If you are unable to clear it in one attempt, you may undergo the second attempt successfully. Hence, keep practicing. One can even utilize this time to experiment and develop the strategy for carrying the instrument. The strategy must include the position of how one wants to hold it and the clothing in which he should carry it.

One can even use the time to develop the skills and techniques further. This time is very crucial. The required documents for getting the license include a photo of the individual and the certificate of competency. The application fee payment is also mandatory.


Concealed Weapon Carrying license is the most important document for any individual who wishes to own a weapon. The training before the issue of the license is the preparatory period. During this preparatory period, it is ensured that the individual has gained enough knowledge to use the weapon for the welfare of society.

Without the training, it is impossible to get a license. The process of getting the license is even hectic. It involves the testing of skills too. The time taken to get the license is even uncertain. It is different for every country. In some countries, one needs to go through several processes and tests to get the license. Whereas, in some other countries, the number of processes and tests are comparatively less in number.



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