How Long After LVL Can I Wear Mascara (And Why)?

Exact Answer: As Recommended By The Beautician

LVL is a type of treatment where women can get their eyelashes lifted and get them curled permanently for at least eight to twelve weeks. The treatment involves chemical usage of chemical process and therefore if you want to apply mascara after the treatment you should ask the therapist about it after the treatment.



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The good thing is that you can wear mascara after the LVL treatment and there would be no harm in doing that. But, if you want to know how long you should wait before you can use them then you should ask all about it to the therapist.

How Long After LVL Can I Wear Mascara

How Long After LVL Can I Wear Mascara?

LVL treatment purposeThe purpose of the treatment is to curl and lift your eyelashes permanently for 8-12 weeks.
Mascara after LVLOne can wear mascara after LVL because it will not ruin your lashes after a lift.

There are some things that you need to know after getting the treatment done. For the first two days after the treatment, you might be asked not to wet the lashes. This means you cannot go swimming, a hot shower, wash your face, and do other such kinds of things for the next 48 hours.

You need to follow those instructions because if you follow them it is then you will get the beautiful life of your eyelashes into its place. You might be asked not to wear mascara too after the LVL treatment because the treatment will itself color your natural eyelashes so that it looks longer and thicker at the same time.

But, this does not mean you cannot put mascara because you are allowed to wear mascara but make sure that you do not overload your eyelashes with it. If you overload it with mascara then your curls might be affected and it might curl down.

Avoid steam or anything that will wet your eyelashes for the first 48 hours so that you can get the best result out of the LVL treatment. This way you can gain confidence to go outside with the look that you were always looking for.

Why Does It Take That Long After LVL To Wear Mascara?

You can ask your therapist about when you can wear mascara after the treatment because he might know better than anyone else. However, you might be asked not to do anything for the first 48 hours because your eyelashes will be healing and you will get the natural curl and lift.

You should drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated at all times. If you want your LVL lash to be removed then you cannot do it because the treatment is semi-permanent. The effect might last for several weeks but once you decide to do it you cannot immediately undo it even if you are willing to pay a huge sum.

Make sure you make the right decision and then go for such kinds of treatment. After the treatment, you might be asked to stay inside your house for a couple of days so that the rays of sunlight do not reach your tinted lashes. You also might be asked not to touch or rub your eyes after the treatment especially when you wash or clean your face after 48 hours.

Do not use oil-based makeup or remover and you have to avoid sleeping on your front side because your eyelashes could get disturbed. Make sure you follow the procedures and aftercare of the LVL treatment to get the best results out of it.


In the end, you have to be careful after the treatment so that you don’t lose the quality of your eyelashes. Your therapist should let you know about the things that you should do and about the things that you should not do.

You should also select the best clinic to get your treatment for LVL done so that you can get the best quality treatment. Often many times people lack knowledge and tend to make a mistake that becomes quite crucial in the future. So, you should check for people’s reviews and ratings before you decide to select a therapist for your LVL treatment.


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