How Long After IUI Pregnancy Test (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 14-15 Days

IUI is also known as artificial insemination where the sperm is introduced into the female’s cervix or in the uterine cavity. The purpose of this process is to become pregnant for those women wanting to become pregnant.

This type of pregnancy happens without intercourse because everything is done manually by the doctors with the help of surgery. However, this surgery will not require making incisions but women might not even feel pain or discomfort during the procedure.

The procedure might take about 10-15 minutes to finish and then you might be allowed to go home. At home, you should take care of yourself and after 14 days you should take a pregnancy test.

How Long After IUI Pregnancy Test

How Long After IUI Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy symptoms after IUI TestWithin 5-6 days the sperm might fertilize the egg.
Taking pregnancy test after IUI testAfter 14 days one can take the pregnancy test either at the comfort of their home or at the clinic.

Once you have gone through the test then that is the time when you have to stop all the bad habits and take care of yourself. Maintain a healthy diet and try to walk slowly every day so that you do not feel lazy or irritated.

It is only a matter of time before you will get the expected results out of it. Try not to think too much about pregnancy because there is nothing you can do now but to take care of yourself. Thinking too much will only create more and more tension inside your head which might not be good for your body.

The test might take 10-15 minutes but once you are pregnant you will go through the normal process. You have to take care and refrain from ill habits for the next 9 months until the time of delivery of your baby.

Pregnancy Test

Couples wanting a baby can go for these tests if they have crossed a certain age. This kind of treatment helps them to get a natural baby without affecting the baby that will be born after the test.

Why Does It Take That Long After IUI Pregnancy Test?

A woman’s body goes through several changes throughout their life and after reaching a certain age some of the changes happening inside a woman’s body stop changing. However, when a woman is pregnant either naturally or by some kind of test like IUI the woman’s body will go through those changes that occur to a pregnant woman.

If the sperm ends up in a fertilized egg then that egg will be traveling down to the fallopian tubes to the uterus or the implant. During sex, some of these things happen but during this IUI test a woman will go through the same process but in this case, the woman does not have to have sex to become pregnant.

Not all women might need medication but for some women, if things get complicated for them then they might need to go through certain medication. If a certain situation arises one has to be careful and always be under the guidance of a doctor so that he can examine your progress.

Negative Pregnancy Test

If you have tested positive in the pregnancy test then you must visit the doctor once or twice a month so that there are no complications arising and if they are arising then they can be treated beforehand. Most people tend to make the mistake of not visiting the doctor and then they end up with a certain complication.

Your doctor may start to give you or prescribe you progesterone supplements after you have done the IUI test. The purpose of this supplement is to make sure that your uterine line thickens and becomes more receptive to implantation.


In the end, you just want to have a normal pregnancy life for the next few months. Well, you are taking a huge responsibility of becoming a parent so you need to take care of yourself and as well as your baby.

Make sure you make appointments once in a while with the doctor so that he can examine your progress if there are any complications arising then you might know about it earlier if you visit the doctor timely.



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