How Long After Mating Cat Pregnant (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately After 12 to 13 Days

Animals like cats and dogs do get pregnant, just like every other woman in the human species. But, the process of getting pregnant varies for every animal, like the period of pregnancy, the mating season, and the number of offspring. While women get pregnant after going through sexual intercourse with a man, there are certain days where they are more susceptible to pregnancy.

Mammals like dogs and cats have a certain mating season in which they exhibit certain characteristics that attract their opposite gender. After the mating season, it takes a while for them to get pregnant.

But for cats, it takes them about 12 to 13 days to conceive. If you are a cat lover and own one, the points given below are some must-know about information about cat pregnancy.

How Long After Mating Cat Pregnant

How Long After Mating Cat Pregnant?

Number of Stages in a Cat’s PregnancyDuration of EstrusDuration of OvulationDuration after Conception occurs
The stages that occur in a cat’s pregnancy include Estrus, Mating, Conception and DeliveryAbout 21 DaysAbout 20 to 50 hours after the mating processAbout 12 to 13 days after mating

In women, periods happen once every month. But, for cats, estrus, which is otherwise commonly known as “heat”. Female cats must be spayed before puberty if you don’t want them to get pregnant. But, after they hit puberty, their heat cycles begin. These cycles normally start from February and can last till October, but these mating seasons are year-round for some domestic breeds.

The cycle of estrus occurs every two to three weeks, until the feline mates. At this time, estradiol is produced by the female cats. During this time, the queens are completely focused on mating with the toms. They make exhibit various symptoms, like calling loudly and lurking around finding toms to mate.

Mating Cat

Once they start exhibiting these characters, the male cats nearby start fighting to impregnate the felines. Since felines are induced ovulators, ovulation will not occur if mating doesn’t happen. And also if they don’t experience any kind of simulation.

If they do not, their hormone levels will certainly drop, and this cycle will begin again after a while.

Why Does It Take More Than A Week For A Cat To Get Pregnant After Mating?

Female cats start getting sexually mature about six months after they are born, and their estrous cycle might start even at four months for some cats.

Once the female cats start exhibiting interest in the available male cats, using postures and specific styles of walks, the male will impregnate the cat. The male cats use their barbed penis to impregnate the queen, and when they withdraw their penis, it will cause stimulation that leads to ovulation.

Even when the female cats are not ready for breeding, sometimes, toms can stimulate ovulation. About 20 to 50 hours after the cats’ mate, ovulation will begin and the eggs will be viable for about a day or two.

Pregnant cat

After the eggs are fertilized, and that the eggs reach the uterus through their uterine horn. The fertilization of eggs happens in the oviduct. After passage, these eggs get implanted into the uterine and its lining. This process takes place for about 12 to 13 days, which defines the cat getting pregnant after mating.

But after mating, sometimes they can indicate false pregnancy symptoms, so make sure you check the symptoms properly. But, if your cat is pregnant, she will deliver the kittens in about 21 weeks after mating.


If your cat gets pregnant, it will start exhibiting symptoms like gaining weight, produce milk, increase in appetite. If they don’t get pregnant, they will keep mating until the end of the season or their estrus cycle. If you don’t want your cat to get pregnant, you can always get them spayed before they hit puberty.

Cats can even be spayed after getting pregnant, say veterinarians. Spaying your cats will help you get through overpopulation if you don’t want to have any more kittens other than your cat.

So make sure you understand what your cat is going through and you take care of their needs in the proper way.



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