How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Give Birth (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Give Birth (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 67 days

The pregnancy period for the cats would not be long but would take around 2 months or less. The cats may give birth to the kitten in 67 days. The gestation period for cats is different, as compared to dogs. There are some conditions to be considered if someone’s cat is pregnant. It’s obvious to wonder how long does it take for a cat to give birth.

The time period would be somewhere between 62 to 67 days. Some acts may hold their kittens for a little longer. There would be some cats who can give birth to the kitten before the expected delivery date. Taking proper care of the cat and giving them the required nutrition is vital for the health of the kitten (and the mother).

To keep a track of the gestation period, everyone can be in touch with the vet. Medical checkups are important for every cat during the hesitation period.


How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Give Birth?

Pregnancy Of Cats (Gestation Period)How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Give Birth
Minimum days62 days
Maximum days67 days

The cat would take around 67 days to give birth to the kitten. The pregnancy time would depend on the number of kittens to be born, as the conditions would be different for more number of kittens. There would be 3 stages of labor (feline). The lasting time for each stage for feline labor would be completely different and unpredictable.

All the cats are not going to have the same days of delivery. The average number of kittens a cat can carry is 3 to 4. There are many breeds of cats and every breed may differ in its gestation period. For example, the number of kittens for one breed would not be the same for the other breed. Similarly, the gestation period (days) would not be the same for every breed of cat.

Some breeds may have a shorter period of pregnancy, while others may have to wait for a long time. The cats would take some time to give birth to the kittens after each kitten is born. The birth of the kitten would take 3 steps to be covered. These steps are:
Step 1- In this step, the cat should be prepared for the labor. In this stage, the act would search for a comfortable place to give birth to the kittens. She would show some symptoms for delivery at this stage. This stage would be time taking and would take around a day (24 to 36 hours).

Step 2- In this stage, the kittens take birth. The birth of a kitten would take around 5 to 10 minutes. This process can take a bit more time, but not more than half an hour (30 minutes).

Step 3- In this step, the placenta of the cat should be expelled (from the uterus). This should happen in 3 to 10 minutes after the kitten is born.

Why Does It Take This Long For A Cat To Give Birth?

The time of gestation period for cats would depend on many conditions. There may be some complications in the delivery of the kittens. The birth of kittens could be quite normals and in time. The only difference would be for cats with different numbers of kittens. Some cats may give birth in very little time, but some can take more time for the labor.

For example, some cats may get the labor in 6 to 10 hours while others may have to wait for 24 to 26 hours. This may affect the gestation period of the cat. The cats giving birth to 2 kittens would have a shorter gestation period, as compared to the cats with 3 to 4 kittens. Many cats may have to undergo surgery for giving broth to kittens.

Medical surgery can be another condition to influence how long it takes to give birth to cats.


The days covered by the cats during her pregnancy would be affected by many factors. Everyone can have medical check-ups done in uniform intervals for their cats to know the expected date of pregnancy.


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