How Long After Missed Period To Take Pregnancy Test (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 5 days

Pregnancy is a glorious phase in a woman’s life. Her body goes through many changes to give birth to a new one out of herself. Apart from the care during pregnancy, a woman also needs to be able to detect her pregnancy at the earliest. Early detection of pregnancy is very beneficial. It indicates the woman to take proper care of herself.

It even prepares her for the gestation period. The gestation period demands extra care and attention from all the family members. There are cases in which the family, most importantly the mother, has to go through the trauma of losing a baby due to negligence. If proper care is taken, the chances of miscarriages in the baby reduces. The mother can even prepare for the various tests she has to undergo during her pregnancy.

How Long After Missed Period To Take Pregnancy Test

How Long After Missed Period To Take Pregnancy Test?

Minimum time5 days
Maximum time8days

There are various signs and symptoms of pregnancy. The most common one is the missing of the normal periods. In cases of sexually active women, the signs of the missed period indicate pregnancy. Generally, the test done after the missed period yields the best results. But then, it even depends on the body of the mother. If her body may be unable to produce enough hormones due to which the results of the test may be altered. In case the women go for a test after missed periods to find negative results, then she should repeat the tests after regular intervals.

If the mother experiences any kind of changes in her breasts. This is even the symptom of an upcoming period but if the woman has missed her periods and experiences such symptoms, then she should go for a pregnancy test. The most common changes which the breast undergoes during pregnancy are swelling, darkening, and enlarging of nipples. Some other symptoms like slight bleeding, which is generally, less as compared to those of menstruation may be noticed as the embryo is implanted successfully to the wall of the uterus.

Just like menstruation, some women even go through minor cramps during pregnancy. However, if the woman faces cramps, but does face less or no bleeding, then she should go for a pregnancy test. Nausea is even one of the most commonly found symptoms of pregnancy which is generally noticed during pregnancy. Some women even face mild or excessive vomiting thereby leading to sickness and discomfort. These symptoms even indicate the presence of a baby in the mother’s womb.

Missed Period

During the initial days of pregnancy, the body of the woman undergoes a hell of a lot of hormonal changes. Due to the spike in progesterone levels, the woman may get tired soon. She would prefer to take frequent naps to boost her energy levels. However, these symptoms of fatigue fade away as the woman advances to her second trimester.

Why Should A Woman Wait So Long To Take Pregnancy Test After Missed Period?

Some other symptoms of pregnancy include a desire to intake some specific food items. Women may even notice changes in their gastrointestinal activities. An increase in the frequency of urination, gas problems, bloating of the stomach are the most commonly observed symptoms. If the woman had sex recently without the use of any contraceptives and still notices such symptoms, then she should go through a pregnancy test as early as possible.

Some women are very confused regarding how long after missing periods they should go for a pregnancy test. One should neither be too early nor too late. After missing periods, it is best to wait for seven days and notice the appearance of other symptoms. Tests were done at the correct time not only to ensure appropriate results but could even reduce the risks of miscarriages.

It is always advised to go for a pregnancy test during the morning hours. Pregnancy tests can even be conducted at home by testing the levels of hCG of urine. Higher levels of hCG would indicate positive results in a pregnancy test. The hormones which indicate pregnancy are the same as those involved in the process of menstruation. Hence, one should conduct the tests carefully either under proper guidance by the doctor or by the doctor itself to get the best results.

Pregnancy Test

During the pregnancy test, the levels of various hormones like hCG are measured in the blood and urine. The results are not accurate always. If the woman gets negative results, then she should go through frequent checks as the hormonal level may be low during the initiation of pregnancy. However, these symptoms of fatigue fade away as the woman advances to her second trimester.


Early pregnancy tests indicate the results within 3-4 days of the normal cycle of pregnancy. The actual time when the woman should go for a pregnancy test actually depends on her luteal cycle. However, early tests have their own advantages and disadvantages. Early tests can be a stress reliever as the mother doesn’t need to wait for the normal waiting period of two weeks.

Various statistics indicate that the tests conducted after four to seven days of missed periods indicate the most accurate results. The results go on decreasing as time decreases. The more closer the test is to the normal date of periods, the less accurate are the results.


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