How Long After ERPC For Negative Pregnancy Test (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Month

ERPC is the medical or the scientific term used for Miscarriage. When the females conceive, their uterus develops a disc-shaped part called the placenta. The placenta helps in flourishing the womb of the mother and helping the embryo with oxygen and nutrition. When the baby is born, the cord is detached from the placenta to separate the baby from the mother’s body.

But sometimes, due to loss of oxygen and nutrition and some other factors, the baby dies inside the womb, known as Miscarriage. It is not only a shock to physical health, but it destroys the mental and emotional state of mind of parents who want to have a family. This is a health condition that can’t be predicted or controlled by neither patient nor a physician. So being emotionally stable is much more important to try again rather than any health condition.

How Long After ERPC For Negative Pregnancy Test


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How Long After ERPC For Negative Pregnancy Test?

The pregnancy in women is confirmed by taking the pregnancy tests. Various hormones are present in the urine and bloodstream of the mother within the first twenty-one days of the fertilization. The hormones gradually increase during the first trimester and become present in a stable measure during the later two trimesters. However, if the miscarriage occurs during these thirty-six weeks of pregnancy, the hormone levels fall below five units and are deemed zero.

The ranges mentioned above are not ideal, but predictive and they may vary from mother to mother due to different medical complexities and hormone-producing abilities. After a miscarriage, it may take up to two months for hormone levels to return to zero. Once the hormone levels have reached the zero mark, the woman has reached the pre-pregnancy state and may conceive again except in some medical complications. Hormone levels may vary in women, it could be high or low depending upon the complications in pregnancy, but when the pregnancy is terminated, it has to zero out.

Negative Pregnancy Test
EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Time after chemical pregnancy for negative testTwo weeks
Time after ERPC or miscarriage for negative testOne month

In cases of a chemical pregnancy, negative pregnancy tests are obtained in two weeks. In contrast, if a miscarriage occurs, it may take up to one month to reflect in the pregnancy test. However, this long time is only taken in rare cases, and it happens within two weeks.

Why Does It Take That Long After ERPC For Negative Pregnancy Test?

The termination of pregnancy could be due to various reasons. Either a child takes birth, or the fetus in the mother’s womb is miscarried. When pregnancy is terminated, the body brings the hormone levels back to zero to let the mother come in the pre-pregnancy stage. The time taken for hormones to drop down to zero depends on the medical condition of the lady and the time when a miscarriage has occurred. A woman may feel weak after a miscarriage.

It takes that long after ERPC for a negative pregnancy test because the hormone levels don’t drop fastly. The drop is gradual, and it takes time for it to get reflected in the test. Until hormone level does not drop to zero in the female body, it is an indication that some of the tissues from pregnancy are still attached to the mother’s womb, making it unfit for conception again. 

Negative Pregnancy Test

You need to go through the proper advice of your physician and follow the correct diet regarding health. Staying mentally healthy is also very important in this concept. A considerate amount of junk food is also allowed for cravings. Regular checking by physicians and the mother and her family’s combined effort will lead to a successful pregnancy. Staying optimistic in those days is what matters.


Finally, it can be concluded that it is crucial to avoid all those things that create problems in your baby’s growth. It would help if you did not worry about the mishaps after all these tests. But one thing you should be worrying about is preventing all of these situations. Having well education and counseling helps a lot in this matter.

On average, it may take up to one month after ERPC for a negative pregnancy test. If there is a necessity of doing all those tests, then only you can go for it. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid such things. So the best option for you is to stay under the advice of your physician and follow their advice for a successful and healthy delivery.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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