How Long After Ovulation Can I Take Pregnancy Test (And Why)?

How Long After Ovulation Can I Take Pregnancy Test (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 17 days after ovulation

The feeling of ‘soon to be a mother’ is the best feeling in the world. And the anxiousness to know if you are expecting or not is so much. And in today’s time, you don’t have to wait much to know about it, thanks to the advanced methods.

Gone is the time when women had to wait to miss periods before taking a pregnancy test and wait for an hour or two before knowing the result. The home pregnancy tests are much easier. But the problem here is, exactly how long after ovulation can you take a pregnancy test.

How Long After Ovulation Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

How Long After Ovulation Can I Take Pregnancy Test?

Most doctors advise taking pregnancy tests only after 16-17 days of ovulation for the exact results. And the reason for this is mentioned further in this article. Relying on checking basal body temperatures or tracking ovulation symptoms won’t give you the result.

If you are wondering how would the test be exact after these many days, it’s simple. The test detects the presence of a hormone named Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which is known to be produced in the women’s body at the time of early pregnancy. With time, the level of HCG goes on increasing.

Many test kits present in the market, detect the HCG levels at around 20-50 milliunits. So, taking a test after 17 days of ovulation not only gives the exact result but also avoids false negative pregnancy. For those who don’t know, false pregnancy means the negative result of the test even if you are pregnant.

If confused about the ovulation period, doctors still advise to look out for missed periods dates. Moreover, they advise taking the test after a week of missing periods. This again would give the exact result (most probably).

To get the correct result and to avoid false-negative pregnancy, avoid taking the test soon after conceiving. Wait for 2-3 days. Follow the instructions carefully. Make sure to take the test first thing in the morning. Also, don’t drink much water before taking the test as dilution of HCG levels might take place.

Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy TestTime (to take the test)
Regular periods14 days after ovulation
Irregular periods17-18 days after ovulation

Why Does it Take So Long After Ovulation to Take Pregnancy Test?

As mentioned earlier, the best time to test for pregnancy is 16-17 days after ovulation. For those who don’t know, ovulation can be described as a part of the menstrual cycle and is supposed to take place soon after the egg is released from the ovary. Soon after the egg is released, it gets fertilized when it comes in contact with sperm. After the egg has been fertilized, it travels to the uterus and implants itself, and thereafter results in pregnancy.

The fertilization of the egg takes place between 12-24 hours and the ovulation process happens in the body around 14 days of the menstrual cycle. This is the reason why it is advisable to take the p-test only around 17 days. This would avoid false negative pregnancy and you get the exact result.

It is very obvious to think of how to exactly know/track ovulation. The exact method to know is with ultrasound in the doctor’s office. Basal body temperature charting can also work.

Pregnancy Test

You may also check for various symptoms of pregnancy such as abdominal cramps, spotting, nauseous feeling, fatigue, constipation, headache, food cravings, and mood swings.

It is really important to pay close attention to your body changes as it may also provide some hints. Moreover, the most telltale sign of pregnancy is missed periods. However, taking the test after 16-17 days of ovulation is the best option.


Taking a pregnancy test is a big decision, in case you are hoping for a positive or a negative result. And to know the result, females become anxious and tend to take multiple early pregnancy tests which are all in vain.

To take the test at right time is important. Not early, not late. As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to take the test past 16-17 days of ovulation. This would not only ensure the point result but also avoid false negative pregnancy problems. Follow all the instructions and you will get to the point result.



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