How Long After Niacinamide to Apply Vitamin C (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 Hours

As the world progress towards growth in the fashion industry, people have started focusing on the skin and hair routine as it helps maintain both in the long run with a motive of healthy skin and hair.



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Our skin needs many vitamins to make it soft, oil-free, and shiny majorly. Those are vitamins B and vitamins C, and these nutrients can be achieved through the different products.

The products can be moisturizers containing this essential mineral and oils, though sometimes all should mix a specific type of product as these contain different minerals, and mix them can irritate.

How Long After Niacinamide to Apply Vitamin C

How Long After Niacinamide to Apply Vitamin C?

Niacinamide contains the essential vitamin B3. It is an essential water-soluble mineral; the mineral is deficient in the body; therefore, there is a need to apply them externally to overcome skin problems.

As necessary, the oil is for the hair and skin, but using any ordinary oil can cause the pores to close, and extraction and discharge of extra oil can be slowed down and result in acne or pimples.

Niacinamide is an essential water-soluble mineral that helps to repair the distorted DNA cellular energy in the skin and gives rise to the cells with the DNA repair at the same time.

Niacinamide acts in the same way; being in an oil form can massage the skin and repairs anti-aging features, and helps to prevent wrinkles and other skin problems.

Similarly, an essential mineral for skin is vitamin C, as it has one of the best skin essential features mainly because vitamin c is great for all skin types, whether dry or oily.

Vitamin C is also hydrating for the skin; hydration can be achieved by using vitamin c serum in specific; serum makes skin healthy and has a great glow.

It is not advisable to use niacinamide and vitamin C together because when both the minerals that are vitamin b and c2 can cause the formation of nicotinic acid, which can cause redness and irritation.

Product TypeTime Required
Extreme 12 Hours
Mild6 Hours

Why Does it Take so Long to use Vitamin C after Niacinamide?

When both the vitamins in the forms of different products are mixed and applied together, it causes the release of nicotine, resulting in irritation and redness, and can last for days.

Therefore, the time window between the products is critical and depends on factors like skin type, and the product-level ratio is the most contributing factor.

Skin type plays a significant role as skin condition depends on the time window. For instance, oily skin makes a layer on the face, and the time window between both products can be decreased as oil works as a protective layer.

Dry skin is the most versatile as there is no layer, and the skin is already dry. Therefore, the time window between both should be the largest, and the normal skin constitutes a regular period.

The product extremeness is also a significant reason. If the product is not extreme, then the time window between both products can be reduced as the chemical used is less; therefore, there is no problem reducing the window.

If the product extremeness is very high, then the time window should be made very large as the chemicals are already in the skin. Using another product that leads to the formation of an acid can be very dangerous.

This can result in skin burning and extreme redness and can be treated using ice packs and oils to naturized the effect as after the acid; the skin also becomes dry.


All kinds of minerals are essential for the skin, but the most essential is vitamin C and B2, which help the skin glow add the required oils and minerals, but many products can cause discomfort.

Those products are vitamin C, and Niacinamide as using them together can cause distortion, redness, dryness, and irritation. These products act differently on different skins that are dry, oily, and normal.

Therefore, the time window between the products is critical and depends on factors like skin type, and the product-level ratio is the most contributing factor.




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