How Long After Banding Is A Goat Fertile (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 Weeks

Most goat owners make sure that their goat goes through the process of banding so that the castrate process becomes much easier. The process of banding is very quick, easier, bloodless, and reliable too.

The meaning of banding means applying a rubber band or a thick rubber band on the top of the testicles of the goat with a metal tool called an elastrator. The process of banding is an inexpensive option so that the testicles stop developing and fall off.

How Long After Banding Is A Goat Fertile

How Long After Banding Can A Goat Remain Fertile?

Banding processEasy, bloodless, and reliable
Goat remains fertile after bandingMaximum of 10 weeks

However, the fertility timing depends on where in the body the sperm is during the process of banding, and how long does it take to travel. It is surprising that goats can still be able to breed after the banding process is completed.

Using an elastrator for the banding process makes the overall procedure much easier. However, if you have an idea about banding and stuffs like that then you can perform the process on your own. Just make sure you follow all the steps properly and proceed cautiously.

If you think that you cannot handle the overall process on your own then talk to an expert who knows all about the banding and castration process much easier. Goat owners have to go through this process and it is unavoidable for them.

However, luck for goats and other animals whose castration is done that the process is not too challenging and it is most easy to conduct on goats. Goat owners can opt for painkillers the timely banding will help the animal or the goat to overcome the pain. And soon after the process, the animal will live a normal life without any kind of pain.

All goats have to be castrated within a certain period of time. The goat must be within four weeks to four months of age with eight to twelve weeks being the most ideal period. However, the goat can get fertile within 10-12 weeks’ time.

Why Does It Take That Long For The Goat To Fertile After Banding?

Well, ten to twelve weeks is the normal time taken for a goat to return to fertility after they have been banded. The process is important for all goat owners because the process is unavoidable and the process of banding is much easy and reliable.

 The process of banding for removing the top of the testicles could hurt the goat where the goat might cry and thrash around. However, not all will do the same thing because some goats will experience not a single symptom and will begin to show normal activities. But, after the process a slight swelling is common.

But the main question is why banding should be done in the first place? Well, unless you raise the animal for their meat they are no longer desirable to you. You will have to choose only one best breeder among all the goats and this is how you will control breeding.

The process might not be as difficult as it seems but, if you are new to this kind of task then it is best you ask an experienced goat keeper. The process will require at least two people because one person will be responsible for banding and another person will be holding the goat during the whole process.

Painkillers would not be necessary if the goat is banded properly and in a timely manner. But, if you want then you can let them have an aspirin about half an hour prior to the process. They will feel uncomfortable but they will forget about it quickly.


For goat keepers, this process must be done so that they can get the best breeds. However, maybe you have to conduct the process with utmost care and concern. Make sure you have all the necessary items for the whole process so that your work becomes easier.

Use tools that will benefit you throughout the process and make sure that everything that you use is cleaned properly. You can put the prongs of the elastrator soaked in alcohol so that there are no germs or bacteria present in it while you are doing the task.



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