How Long Do Geese Live (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 20 years

The lifespan of geese is mainly up to 20 years, but some stories are there of geese living beyond 45 years. The life expectancy of geese is unpredictable, and we can consider the average life expectancy of geese. The lifespan of geese depends on many factors such as the environment, climatic conditions, and health. Not all animals or birds eat the same type of food, but they should get the kind of food they eat to survive.

Geese can survive really long if you allow them to adopt the kind of lifestyle they love. If they are comfortable in their space, then they may live beyond the average life expectancy.

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How Long Do Geese Live?

Type Of Geese Life Expectancy
Canadian geeseUp to 12 years
African geeseUp to 15 years
Chinese geeseUp to 15 years
White geeseUp to 20 years

The lifespan of geese differs according to the type of geese. The lifespan is not the same for all the types of geese as many geese live more than 25 years. Geese are the relative of swans (distant relative) and duck (close relative). Many folks keep domestic geese like their pets, as they use the eggs and meats of the geese.

The feathers (soft and down) are used by many folks that are the reason for domesticating the geese. The lifespan of wild geese would entirely depend on the habitat and wildlife. If the living conditions are fulfilled then the wild geese may live more than 20 years. Some geese may not live long, as they become the victim of predators and hunters.

Domestic geese are supposed to live around 20 years. If you want the soft feathered geese (domestic geese) to live more than 15 years, then you have to provide comfortable shelter to the geese. Access to water should be completely provided to the geese, as they need water content for survival. The food you feed to the geese should be appropriate for the geese.

If you feed the geese with unwanted and unnecessary food, then it may be a problem for the geese. Geese love to enjoy walking freely in an open space, but they should feel comfortable while roaming. The access to water, grains, and grass should be adequate to help geese live a long time.

The hygiene of their houses should be properly maintained, as they need a clean environment for survival. You can clean their house twice or thrice a week to maintain the cleanliness of the space.

Why Do Geese Live This Long?

The lifespan of geese depends on the kind of life they are living. For example, geese not getting all the requirements of life properly, then the geese may die at an early age. Some geese may die before completing a decade of life due to a lack of shelter, food, and water. Water is one of the most favorite survival requirements of geese.

The life of geese is affected, as many people use geese for their meats. The eggs of geese are used by many folks. This affects the lives of geese and decreases their life span of the geese. The geese can live more years if people allow the geese to live without killing them for their own merit. Traditionally, many folks use geese for their livelihood, such as food.

The lives of geese are also affected by illness or health disorders. Many geese die at an early age due to health issues or health disorders. The geese can survive long if they are healthy to cope with all the life challenges.


The geese may live around 20 to 25 years. Geese can also live around 30 years if they get the proper care. Taking care of domestic geese is vital for making them live more than 20 years. The life of wild geese is not predictable, as they survive in the wildlife. The average lifespan of wild geese is around 24 years, but it depends on many external factors.

This is the reason wild geese live a shorter lifespan, as compared to domestic geese. The Canadian geese may have a lifespan of around 12 years.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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