How Long to Beat Pillars of Eternity Game – (And Why)?

How Long to Beat Pillars of Eternity Game – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 100 hours

Pillars of Eternity contains a sense of charm, fantasy, content, and revival of standard RPG’s.

It is equipped with several memorable characters, central heroes, and the adventurous investigation of the Baldur’s Gate.

The game takes approximately 8-hours to 75 hours depending on the type of content, the type of players, and the gaming platform in use. You can play Pillars of Eternity on either your PlayStation 4, PC or the Xbox one

Pillars of eternity is filled with extreme battle and the dungeon headlong of Icewind Dale. There is also a fascinating storyline that tops up the entire list of the great features of Pillars of Eternity.

How Long to Beat Pillars of Eternity Game

How long does it take?

The time-frame varies depending on the type of content, type of players as well as the type of gaming platform.

Pillars of Eternity Game

Type of Content

The following is an outline of how content causes a change in the game’s time frame

  • Main Story-35 Hours
  • Main +Extras-60 and a half hours
  • Completionist – 100 hours
  • All Styles- 62 hours

The main story takes approximately 35 hours (approximately one a half days); however, some extra content will lead to 60 and a half hours (almost three days).

Completionists have to take the game all the way to 100 hours ( almost five days), while the all-styles game goes for 62 hours( approximately two and a half days).

Type of Players

Pillars of Eternity only have the single-player modification; hence, the type of players are divided into rushed and leisure players.

Rushed gamers focus on playing the game in the least time possible hence skip some parts and use other available mods to speed things up.

On the other hand, leisure players aim at enjoying every moment of the game and will most likely want to explore all parts of the game.

The following is an outline of the type of players and the general length of time they take

  • Rushed- about 21 hours, 48 minutes for the main story
  • Leisure-about 57 hours, 28 minutes for the main story

Gaming Platform

  • PlayStation 4- about 36 hours for the main story
  • PC- about 30 hours for the main story
  • Xbox one – about 30 hours for the main story

Reasons why it takes so long to finish Pillars of Eternity

The figures, as indicated above, are based on experimented values and are dependent on various variables such as the type of content, type of gamers, and the gaming platform.

Type of Content

The kind of episodes and their elements affect the playing time-frame.

More content means more time, while less content means less content. You could choose either the main story, main + extras, completionist, or all-styles.

Category of Players

Each gamer has their preferences, and this affects the time they take to beat Pillars of Eternity.

You can either choose to be a fast player or a leisure player.

Pillars of Eternity Gameplay

Gaming Platform

Gaming platforms such as the Xbox One, playstation4, and PCs have different features and this causes a variation in the time length of the game.

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  1. The game’s immersive content and captivating narrative serve as a compelling draw for players looking for a deep and engaging RPG experience.

    1. I’m intrigued by the dynamic playtime options available across different platforms, adding an interesting layer to the game’s experience.

  2. The game’s in-depth content and diverse playtime options cater to a wide audience of RPG enthusiasts, ensuring an enriching gaming experience for all types of players.

    1. Indeed, the game’s ability to adapt to different player preferences is a commendable aspect of its design.

  3. The varying playtime across different gaming platforms adds an interesting dimension to the overall appeal of the game, showcasing its adaptability and versatility.

    1. The game’s appeal to different gaming platforms allows for a diverse and engaging experience for players.

    2. The dynamic nature of the game’s content and playtime options makes for an exciting and multifaceted RPG experience.

  4. The extensive playtime of up to 100 hours for completionists showcases the game’s immersive and thorough design.

  5. Pillars of Eternity’s extensive content and varying playtime options present an intriguing and engaging RPG experience for players across different platforms.

  6. The diversity and depth of the game’s content offer players a rich experience, perfect for those seeking a truly engaging RPG.

  7. The game’s ability to accommodate both rushed and leisure players demonstrates its versatility and adaptability to suit various gaming styles.

    1. It’s a testament to the game’s flexible design and appeal to a wide range of player preferences.

  8. An intriguing journey with Pillars of Eternity, perfect for RPG fans who appreciate a well-developed story and in-depth content.

  9. For dedicated players, the game presents a substantial challenge, requiring a significant time investment for completion.

  10. With varying playtimes across different platforms, Pillars of Eternity offers a diverse gaming experience to cater to different preferences.

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