How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-4 Minutes

To ride a bike a mile would take a healthy person not more than 3-4 minutes with an average speed of 17-18 mph. A mile is almost equal to 1.6 km which is not a long distance to be covered in not more than 10 minutes at the maximum.

Now, if there are some extreme cases like if you are moving slowly or your age is not supporting your strength then that is another kind of case. In that case, it could take more than 10-15 minutes. However, 5 minutes should be enough for someone to reach a mile on a bike.

How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile

How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile?

Healthy PersonNot more than 5 minutes in a terrain
Elderly personCould take more than 10-15 minutes
TeenagersCould not take more than 3-4 minutes.

As mentioned earlier that not more than 5 minutes is enough for a healthy person to reach a mile with his/her bike. The speed limit should be 17-18 miles per hour which should be able to take you to your destination within five minutes. However, age and health might be some of the factors here that might affect the timings.

Say suppose an elderly person is riding to reach his destination which is a mile away then he might not have the same energy as a teenager.

In the above case, the elderly person will take much more time than a teenager will take to reach a mile. However, the speed will also be one of the things to be concerned about. With a decent bike and on the terrain it is quite easy for a healthy person to reach a mile with his/her bike.

Now, if the situation is that you have to reach a mile in a steep area then it would take up to 10 minutes. If the road is steep you have to put more energy and thus that will take more time to reach your destination.

Why Does It Take That Long To Bike A Mile?

There are various factors to be kept in mind for the time for reaching the destination. Things like quality of the bike, road structure, age of the person, and other such kinds of things. As mentioned earlier that if the road is steep then it would take much more time than a plain road.

More energy is required when the road is steep. A good quality bike is enough to reach the destination on time but if the bike is not of good quality then it would affect the time.

On the other hand, it is not easy for people who have less strength to bike a mile and reach their destination within a few minutes. In that case, people who have some kind of problem will take more time than a normal healthy person. Teenagers and kids are always energetic and it is not a problem for them to reach a mile with their bike within a few minutes.

Other than that if you are a cyclist and have experience riding your bike on every kind of road then that would be a different kind of situation. There will be a huge difference if an expert riding his/her bike and a normal person riding their bike.

Experts know the technique and they know every little thing about bikes, unlike normal people. In the above case, an expert biker will take not more than 2-3 minutes to reach a mile because they will have increased speed which will help them.


In the end, it is the mile’s destination that you want to reach. How much ever fast you ride your bike you should always make sure the safety before anything else. Let it take time to reach but your safety is the utmost concern when you are outside your house.

Speed and other things might give you thrills and fun but whenever you face an accident and come across a serious issue then that will be very dangerous for your health. Other things like always you should wear your helmet and knee caps and other safety types of equipment before riding. Most people tend to not care about safety and thus they face problems later on.


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