How Long After UNI Interview To Hear Back (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two To Three Weeks

UNI interview stands for a university interview, and it is also famous by the name of college interview in many parts of the world. This type of interview is generally a short and informative face-to-face interaction between a high school student and a college admissions officer after a student applies for getting admission to the college or university.



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A college administration can also conduct a few quizzes or short exams before asking the student to appear for the interview if they think there is a need. After this, they might ask some questions related to the field of application of the student. This entire process is carried out to test the student’s knowledge and ensure that if admitted, the student will not waste a college seat.

How Long After UNI Interview To Hear Back

How Long After UNI Interview To Hear Back?

University interviews were not in trend a few decades back. At that time, most of the admissions were given to the students based on their high school grades or the performance in a few exams conducted just before the admissions. But soon, it was found out that few people used unfair means to get good results in exams, and fake results can also be easily generated, which led to the college administrations testing the applicant on a more personal level. University interviews are now trendy in almost all parts of the world.

Most of the interviews are either conducted at the college campus itself, or some high schools also call the college admission officers on their campus for conducting mass interviews of the high school students. It was also identified that some of the students admitted based on exams had low self-esteem and lacked the confidence to interact with other people. Thus, interviews were identified as a viable solution to test the interpersonal skills along with the knowledge.

Type Of UniversitiesTime Taken To Hear Back
Government-Owned UniversitiesAbout three weeks
Private UniversitiesWithin two weeks

After a university interview is completed, it typically takes two to three weeks for the college administration to reply and confirm whether the student has been admitted or not. Depending on the performance in the interview, the college administration has full power to reject an application if they find it unsatisfactory. Private universities take a shorter time as they have multiple university branches in many cities, making the admission process smoother.

Why Does It Take That Long After UNI Interview To Hear Back?

An applicant appearing for the interview must prepare himself properly before the interview. There are some essential interview preparation tips that an applicant must keep in mind while preparing for the interview. They must rehearse the presentation multiple times so that they do not fumble during the interview. They must mention all their significant achievements in their resume. They must have a personal story to prove their interpersonal skills to the interviewer. They must not speak as they have memorized everything; rather, it should be like a conversation.

Most of the university interviews consist of some simple questions. The interviewer might want to know about the applicant on a personal level. They also might ask about the applicant’s opinion about the university and why they choose a particular field of study specifically. They also want information regarding the applicant’s thoughts on the contribution towards society, and they might also question the applicant about their plans.

It takes that long after a university interview to hear back because the college administration wants to ensure that they admit a hardworking student to work for the betterment of the college. Also, the number of applicants applying is generally more than a hundred, so it does take some time to review all the applications and choose whether to admit an applicant or not. Students applying for admission must be patient and apply for admissions in other universities if they feel their interviews were not good enough and are not confident.


Finally, it can be concluded that university interviews are conducted to test the knowledge and skills of an applicant who wants to get admission to a college. The interview is mainly conducted after completion of high school, and high school grades are also taken as a reference to judge the student’s knowledge in the field of application.

On average, it takes around two to three weeks to hear back from the university administration after completing the interview. The interview is generally conducted on the college campus, and the interviewer asks basic questions to the student related to the stream they opt for. An applicant must prepare himself before sitting for an interview.


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