How Long Are Eggs Good After Sell By Date (And Why)?

How Long Are Eggs Good After Sell By Date (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three To Five Weeks

There are various sources of lean protein. Eggs are undoubtedly one of the best in this long list of sources. Adding eggs to the daily dietary routine can help boost your immunity as well as overall health. Although the versatility of eggs as an ingredient for cooking can never really be overestimated, they serve raw materials when baking or making many other food products like sandwiches.

Much like most packaged food products, egg cartons are also sold with a printed sell-by date. Some people misinterpret this as the expiry date of the eggs in the carton and tend to discard the eggs as soon as this date is crossed. But it is not valid.

How Long Are Eggs Good After Sell By Date

How Long Are Eggs Good After Sell By Date?

There are several myths about the sell-by dates one can find on egg cartons. The dates printed on the egg cartons do not represent the expiration date of the product. This date is more appropriately called the sell-by date for the product. This date suggests the maximum time frame within which the store has to sell the carton of eggs to the customers. Thus, logically this implies that a store cannot sell an egg carton that has bypassed the printed sell-by date. However, when the carton is sold to a customer before the expiration of this date, the eggs inside the carton will remain viable for consumption for a period of three to five weeks.

It is important to note that the printed date signifies the freshness of the raw eggs. Thus, if you want to enjoy fresh eggs, then stick by the printed date. However, this does not in any manner reflect negatively on the usability of the egg. Eggs inside the carton will still be safe for consumption. Cooking these eggs will not pose a threat to the individual’s health in any shape or form.

Condition Of EggsGood After Sell-By Date
Room conditionsTwo weeks
RefrigeratorThree to five weeks

The time in which the egg is suitable for consumption after the sell-by date depends on the condition in which the egg is kept. In-room conditions, eggs are good for two weeks after the sell-by date. In contrast, if the eggs are put in a refrigerator, then eggs are suitable for use for three to five weeks after the sell-by date.

Why Are Eggs Good for That Long After Sell-By Date?

In most cases, eggs from a so-called expired cartoon can be consumed within at least three weeks after the sell-by date has passed.  Generally, eggs can remain fresh for up to five weeks after the printed date on the carton has been crossed if refrigerated. If the eggs are stored properly, then they can be used for a prolonged period. However, if there is apparent negligence in storing them appropriately, like keeping them outside, their shelf lives can be diminished.

If stored properly, eggs remain fresh and usable for up to 5 weeks. This means that the carton must be kept in the refrigerator or the eggs need to be frozen. Eggs are highly prone to the growth of bacterial infections that, in turn, affect their usability as well as safety. Storing them in a cold environment helps slow down the process of this bacterial growth.


Eggs are good for that long after the sell-by date because of various components in the egg. However, if they are kept outside or in a hot environment, the chances of going bad are much higher. In such cases, they may last only a week or two after the sell-by date. Using them after this period can increase your chances of contracting infections from the contaminated egg.


Overall, it can be concluded that eggs tend to add a healthy touch to an individual’s diet. It is recommended that at least one egg is consumed daily to maintain a healthy and fit body. Often there are myths associated with the consumption of eggs, like the printed sell-by dates on the egg cartons.

On average, Eggs from a carton can be consumed for up to three to five weeks after the printed sell-by date has been bypassed. They remain safe for this duration despite the printed information on the packaged carton. The key, however, is to properly store them as this helps retain their freshness and usability.


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