How Long After Roast Date Is Coffee Good (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 Days

Different people have different preferences regarding different things. Some may prefer shirts over t-shirts, some prefer books over a movie and some prefer coffee over tea. The question of preferences differs due to a lot of reasons. The most important thing is the cost of that product. If the price of a product is more, it would be considered a luxury by a lot of people.

But there are a few people, who despite the price, choose to buy what they prefer. Coffee’s expense is more than tea due to the procedure but still, people prefer. The coffee beans are roasted and then kept at least for seven days before consumption. It gives more flavor to the coffee, thus leading to the price.

How Long After Roast Date Is Coffee Good

How Long After Roast Date Is Coffee Good?

Ideal Roast Date7-21 Days
Not An Ideal Roast DateMore Than 21 Days

A minimum of seven days is needed to keep the coffee beans after roasting for consumption. It is the bare minimum and anything less than it will only make the coffee worse. Many people around the world keep it more than that. It is even kept for fourteen days before it is consumed. This enhances the taste and gives it a strong flavor for coffee lovers to enjoy. The seven days is known as the ideal roasted date.

Coffee is made from coffee beans. It is used to make a brewed drink. The plant from which it is harvested is from the Coffea species of plants. The biological name of the coffee plant is Coffea Arabica. The coffee beans after being roasted are brown which is common to people. But if anyone comes across a real coffee plant, they would be amazed at the difference, if that person can recognize that plant to be a coffee tree.

The beans are green in color before being ripe. After turning red, they are harvested and roasted. After keeping the roasted coffee beans for a couple of weeks, the beans are crushed to make coffee powder. This powder is sold under different brand names. The process of making coffee powder comes with a lot of hurdles. The ideal roasted date should always be checked before buying because it may release carbon dioxide.

Coffee should be treated as perishable food, even though if it is past its expiry date, it will make anyone sick. But if a person is fond of fresh coffee, then he or she should be particularly friendly with the roast date. Not only a roast date, but coffee also has a best before date.

Why Does It Take Long To Make Coffee Good After Roast Date?

Making anything good always requires a bit of time. But when it comes to making good coffee, the time is comparatively less compared to other things. Before consuming it is kept roasted for at least seven days. the time may increase depending on the quality of the coffee. But keeping it for too long will make the coffee go stale and it will be in no shape to consume. The procedure is long but the wait is worth it.

Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia are the major coffee exporters of the world. Brazilian coffee has a lot of fans all over the world. More than a million metric tonnes of coffee are imported from Brazil. The coffee beans are carefully roasted and are made with care for the consumer to enjoy. Coffee that is too fresh should be avoided as it still might be in its degassing phase, and consuming it may make a person feel sick.

To check whether coffee is good to good for consumption or not, it is important to taste it. An aged coffee may taste great but too much aged coffee may taste too much bitter. When in a state of confusion it is advisable to visit a local barista and ask for his or her guidance regarding the coffee. Coffee can be consumed in a lot of fashion. Some like it cold while some like hot. Some even prefer black while some prefer a little bit of milk.


The debate of coffee and tea is life long so the debate of which type of coffee is better. But the number of people loving it will only increase in number. It is good to have coffee due to its large number of benefits. Having coffee reduces the chances of heart failure and Parkinson’s disease as well as makes the liver strong. During old age, it helps to fight Alzheimer’s disease, and chances of having a stroke are reduced.

On the other hand, it also has a few disadvantages. It may cause an addiction, people may suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues. It also increases the heart rate and blood pressure. It is good to have coffee but within certain limits.



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