How Long After Use By Date Is Chicken Good (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One To Two Days

Chicken is one of the most common poultry types in the world. Chickens are very cheap in terms of maintenance, and raising them is also not very costly. These two factors made chicken more preferred than any other animal in the poultry industry. There are many cuisines in which chicken is heavily used. It is one of the most trendy meals in all parts of the world.

Chickens are used in multiple ways: baking, frying, grilling, broiling, or barbecuing. Chicken has emerged as one of the most suited staples of fast food. Chicken is also preferred over other meat because it contains lower concentrations of saturated fat and cholesterol.

How Long After Use By Date Is Chicken Good

How Long After Use By Date Is Chicken Good?

Chickens are subject to various intensive farming techniques in all the developed countries of the world. In contrast, in lesser developed nations, chickens are still raised with the ancient and traditional farming methods. The total number of chickens present on earth is already more than twice the total number of humans on the earth. This fact signifies that chickens are produced at a rapid pace in all parts of the world. Eating chicken gives a lot of energy, and it also contains many proteins, minerals, and vitamins in high quantities.

Chickens are known to be used as an eating product since 600 BC. In the stone age, humans used to hunt chicken as they were straightforward to catch. Also, chickens can be cooked faster than any other big animal and were very much nutritious. Slowly, the trend of eating chicken spread like wildfire, and in the late 1800s, it was considered a luxury to eat chicken. But, due to its high demand, the production of chicken increased rapidly, and now chicken can be afforded by all sections of society.

Type Of MeatGood To Use After Use By Date
Chicken MeatOne to two days
Beef or PorkFour to five days

There is a use-by date mentioned on all types of meat available in the market. However, if stored in a cool place, meats are suitable to be consumed for a few days after the use-by date. For example, chicken meat is eatable for one to two days after the use-by date. In comparison, beef and pork are suitable to be used for four to five days after the prescribed date.

Why Is Chicken Good For That Long After Use By Date?

There are several body parts of the chicken that many people love. Breasts of the chicken are one of the most preferred body parts as it is boneless. Legs of the chicken are also widely popular. It has two parts, namely the drumstick, which is the lower part of the leg. The upper part of the leg is known as the thigh, and both of them are very healthy and filled with protein. Different individuals prefer different parts of the body.

Chicken is good to use after the use-by date if they are appropriately preserved and are stored in a cool and dry place. If not stored correctly, multiple bacteria can contaminate the food, and it will become unhealthy to eat. However, it is a good practice to eat chicken before the use-by date to ensure optimal safety. If a person wants to purchase chicken, then purchase it one or two days before its usage. If some amount of chicken is left over, it should be consumed within one to days after the prescribed date.

If a person feels discomfort after eating chicken expired, then a medical expert must be consulted immediately to cause food poisoning. If the chicken starts smelling bad, it should be thrown in the dustbin and should not be used.


Overall, it can be concluded that chicken is one of the most loved food products in all the parts of the world. It is one of the most eaten meat products and is trendy in all the cuisines. Chickens are used in multiple ways in different cooking styles. Chicken as a source of nutrition has been used for a long time.

On average, chicken is good to be eaten for one to two days after the use-by date. However, it should be stored in a cool and dry place. There are various body parts of the chicken, and each individual has their own choice. In case of any eating disorders caused due to consumption of chicken, medical guidance is needed.


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