How Long After Openreach Video Interview (And Why)?

How Long After Openreach Video Interview (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Most, Two Weeks

Openreach is one of the world’s biggest communication companies. It works in the United Kingdom and delivers services on the phone or through the internet. The services are also available on TV. However, it is not easy to get an offer from the outreach company. The process is challenging, and not everyone can get an offer from the company.

The outreach company can also conduct a few quizzes or short exams before asking the candidate to appear for the interview if they think there is a need. After this, they might ask some questions related to applying for the candidate’s post. This process is carried out to test the person’s knowledge and ensure that the individual will work appropriately if offered a post.

How Long After Openreach Video Interview

How Long After Openreach Video Interview?

An applicant appearing for the interview must prepare himself properly before the interview. There are some essential interview preparation tips that an applicant must keep in mind while preparing for the interview. They must rehearse the presentation multiple times so that they do not fumble during the interview. They must mention all their significant achievements in their resume. They must have a personal story to prove their interpersonal skills to the interviewer. They must not speak as they have memorized everything; rather, it should be like a conversation.

A video interview is conducted online in which a candidate has to present himself in front of the recruiters with the help of a webcam. It is advised to go in the interview with a formal outlook to have a good impact. It was also identified that some of the candidates posted based on grades had low self-esteem and lacked the confidence to interact with other people. Thus, video interviews were identified as a viable solution to test interpersonal skills and knowledge.

Openreach Video Interview
EventInformation Regarding The Event
Duration Of Openreach Video InterviewAt most, one hour
Time To Hear Back After The InterviewAt most, two weeks

An Openreach video interview duration is not very long, and it is completed within one hour. After the completion of the interview, the recruiters determine whether the candidate had enough knowledge to be offered a post or not. After all, this is done, the candidate hears back from the recruiters in three weeks.

Why Does It Take That Long After Openreach Video Interview?

Most of the video interviews consist of some simple questions. The interviewer might want to know about the applicant on a personal level. They also might ask about the applicant’s opinion about the organization and why they choose a particular field in business or technology. They also want information regarding the applicant’s thoughts on the contribution towards the organization, and they might also question the applicant about their plans.

Video interviews were not in trend a few decades back. Most of the posts were offered to the candidates based on their college grades or their performance in a few exams conducted by the recruiting organization. But soon, it was found out that few people used unfair means to get good results in exams, and fake results can also be easily generated, which led to the organizations testing the applicant on a more personal level. Video interviews are now trendy in almost all parts of the world.

Openreach Video Interview

It takes that long after an Openreach video interview because the number of applicants applying is more than a hundred, so it does take some time to review all the applications and choose whether to offer a post to an applicant or not. A person must keep patience after giving an interview as the selection depends on several factors.


Overall, it can be concluded that video interviews are conducted to test the knowledge and skills of an applicant who wants to get a post in an organization. The interview is mainly conducted after completion of college degrees, and college grades are also taken as a reference to judge the applicant’s knowledge in application.

On average, it takes around two weeks to hear back from the organization after completing the interview. The interview is conducted online on a video call, and the interviewer asks basic questions to the candidate related to the field they opt for. An applicant must prepare himself before sitting for an interview.


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  1. The interview duration and timeline for hearing back are quite reasonable given the nature of the process.

  2. I don’t think the interview process at Openreach is fair. It seems like quite a daunting challenge for applicants.

  3. The focus on personal interaction and interpersonal skills adds a unique touch to the interview process.

    1. It’s a departure from traditional assessment methods and reflects the evolving nature of recruitment.

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