How Long Can A Hypertensive Patient Live (And Why)?

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As we all know about blood pressure is a pressure that acts opposite to the walls of the artery. Everyone has normal bp but increases as we stress out. Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure.

It is of two types: Primary hypertension and Secondary hypertension. Primary hypertension develops slowly over a long period of time and secondary hypertension appears immediately and causes hypertension more than that caused by primary hypertension.

Hypertension is also called by another name silent killer as when it occurs it shows none of the traits. If it occurs your death rate and stroke rate increase. So, premature detection of it is very necessary.

How Long Can A Hypertensive Patient Live

How Long Can A Hypertensive Patient Live?

If hypertension is serious and that too life-threatening, then it is being said if they don’t take proper medication and treatment they can live only for three years after suffering from hypertension. Normal people live 5.2 and 4.9 years more than a hypertensive person. This value is for men and women respectively.  In a period of adults if hypertension occurs then there is a decrease in the age of a person.

If a person is properly taking medicine then he can survive in the hypertension stage too. And so increases his age limit. It is being observed that every year 7.6 million person dies due to high blood pressure or hypertension in the world. Also, it causes many diseases like heart strokes or heart diseases which directly cause an immediate death that is within an hour.

It is also seen that sometimes overdose of medicine causes death earlier than was expected. Survival depends on basically which type of medicine a person is intaking also its quantity. A person can go from normal stage to hypertensive stage and then to death. There can be a gap or an immediate process for it. As told above it is a silent killer so, it can come early or late without acknowledging you.

Why Does A Hypertensive Person Can Live So Long?

Some factors which basically affect the delay of survival due to hypertension are: as we know older person also gets hypertension more easily. So, aging plays a great role. Man after the age of 55 is having a ninety percent chance to develop it.

Also, genes or your race affects hypertension badly. There is a study that found an example that Africa and American people are at higher risk of hypertension so they have more chance to die early if they don’t treat it well. Hypertension is also hereditary as if your parent is suffering from it then there are more chances that you can have it. Also, if both of them have then it will affect you badly so the survival chance is less.

If you are overweighted or eat more foods which are low fibers like egg, canned vegetables, dairy products, etc. increases more chances of developing hypertension and hence the risk of dying early. Drinking more alcohol can increase hypertension.

It is shown in a study that stresses also increases hypertension as it releases hormones that affect it for a moment. So, developing more chances of dying suddenly. Also, lifestyle affects hypertension badly. Like a person who does no exercise and also has hypertension has more chances that they can develop high hypertension.

Also, one point that if proper medications are one then a person can live so more chances of living more years than was expected before. If intake of sodium or salts is high then there is more chance a person can have high hypertension and so a quick death.


If someone suffering from hypertension, keep it under control by doing what is necessary then he may add some years to their own life. Also, if medicine given by doctors is to be followed then it is being said that person increases their lifespan by four years hence doesn’t die from any type of disease

Treating hypertension gives you longer life and full of happiness. If you smoke or eat low fiber foods like eggs, fish, etc., or salt and fat-rich food also if you are having hypertension then these things will increase your hypertension to the next level. So avoid eating them.



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