How Long Can A Snail Sleep (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Minutes

The snail is the loose-shelled gastropod. There are other names of snails are like the land snail, gastropod mollusks, and terrestrial pulmonate. The common name is used in place of these scientific names is the snail. The word snail is also used for the members of the molluscan class known as Gastropoda. The organisms which belong to the Gastropoda have a coiled shell that is large enough for the animal to get inside it completely.

The word snail is not just used to address single organisms, but also it has categories like a land snail, sea snail, and freshwater snail. There are some organisms under the class of Gastropoda which lacks the natural shell, but some have only internal shell known as slugs. The land snail of this class has a small shell in which the animal can not get into the shell completely are known as semi-slugs.

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How Long Can A Snail Sleep?

The snail and human have a significant relationship for various factors like it are included as the food items by the humans. They are used as pests by the farmers on the agricultural fields. These shells are used as decorative pieces and jewelry by human beings. The snails have cultural importance which is connected to lethargy. The shape of the snail is similar to the shape of the cochlea.

The group of snails that respire through the lungs is called Pulmonata. They are left on the land and known as land snails. They have a proper respiratory system to support the body and have lungs that are used to exchange the gases from the atmosphere. There are some snails who respire from gills, this group is called the polyphyletic group. They leave inside the water bodies called sea snails. They use gills to exchange the gases inside the water bodies.

The snails with both lungs and gills are spread all over the world in different types of habitats on the earth. The snails that have gills, can also be found on the land surface. The snails with the lungs are also found inside the water bodies. There are some marine species present on the earth that have lungs and leaves inside the water bodies. The snails are present in many habitats like ditches, deserts, and the abyssal depths in the sea.

The land snails are the laymen. The major variety of the snail is present in the marine habitats in the water bodies. The sea snails are widely present in the large diversity and large biomass. There are many types of snails that are found on freshwater bodies.

Favorable Condition30 Minutes
Non-Favorable Condition30 Years

Why Does A Snail Sleep For That Long?

The snails have a thousand numbers of microscopic teeth that are present on the banded tongue of the ribbon-like structure which is called a radula. The use of this radula is to break the food into small pieces as it works like the file. The snails are herbivorous organisms that eat plants, and rasp algae with the help of the radula. There are many land snails that are omnivorous, also known as the predatory carnivorous that eats other living organisms.

The snails can not absorb the color pigment during the digestion process when they eat papers and cardboards. The feces of the snail is colored as color can not be absorbed. The Lymnaea snails only have two types of neurons. The first type of neuron is used to decide that wheater the snail is hungry or not. The second type of neuron is used to check that the food is in the vicinity.


The snails feed at night time only. They are commonly found on the dead and the decaying organic matter which is called decomposition. This process is very important to give back the nutrition to the soil. The snails are called farmer’s friends.


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