How Long Can An Asymptomatic Person Spread Covid (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2- 14 Days

Since the start of 2020, the world has been in constant turmoil due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation. People have lost jobs and the whole world has experienced economic problems. The disease originated from China and has the whole world in its grasp. People suffering from this disease show several symptoms.

But in a few of the cases, this disease is asymptomatic. People do not understand their condition as there are no symptoms. Those, who are not asymptomatic, experience high fever, cough and cold, headaches, stomach aches, etc. A person can be asymptomatic for a long period but the average is between 2- 14 days.

How Long Can An Asymptomatic Person Spread Covid

How Long Can An Asymptomatic Person Spread Covid?

Asymptomatic2-14 days
Symptomatic< 3 days

An asymptomatic person can spread Covid unless he/she has been diagnosed. Due to being asymptomatic, even the bearer of the disease does not know that he/she has Covid. Covid is a communicable disease and any kind of contact is enough to transfer the virus from one person to the other. The disease is deadly and mainly affects people with low immunity.

An asymptomatic person carries as many viruses as an asymptomatic person. Studies have shown that there is a lower chance of transmission by asymptomatic people but still present a significant public risk. Experiencing even a bit of cough and cold or headache should not be taken lightly and stay at home quarantine and get checked.

To lower the spread of the pandemic, proper medication should be taken and have to stay in quarantine for 14 days. Even if a person, is not affected, should use masks to cover his/her face, wear gloves and always carry a hand sanitizer and always avoid any kind of contact. A person staying at home does not have to worry about being symptomatic or asymptomatic as that person is not spreading the disease by going out.

As mentioned above, the average time a person remains asymptomatic is between 2-14 days. But there are a few cases where the time exceeds. In that period, that person can spread the disease constantly without even knowing. Even if proper measures are taken, a person does not wear masks and gloves inside their houses. Thus also affecting his/her family members.

Why Does An Asymptomatic Person Spread Covid For Long?

An asymptomatic person does not necessarily have to spread Covid for a long period. This is because it all depends on the period for which the person remains asymptomatic. There have also been reported cases where a person has been asymptomatic throughout from being affected to getting cured. This kind of situation can further cause an increase in the pandemic.

Consulting a doctor in a pandemic situation is the best thing one can do. Even if a person is not affected, he/she should do the Covid test. This test assures a person whether he is asymptomatic or not. Maintaining a proper diet to build a good immunity system is very important. Lastly, Vitamin tablets with proper medication should be taken to minimize the damage.

Any kind of public gathering should always be avoided as it may cause a mass transmission of the virus. The symptoms differ from person to person. If an asymptomatic person has had contact with a couple of people, neither of them may show the same symptoms. Identifying it as a normal fever is a big mistake and it should not be done. Getting everyone checked is the only thing that can stop the spread of Covid from asymptomatic people.


Doctors all over the world are trying their level best to stop the further growth of the pandemic. Vaccines are being made and are given to people at vaccination camps. But after taking the vaccine, people should still take precautions. To some people, the vaccines may have side effects and should be reported immediately.

The world has come to a pause. Be it a symptomatic or an asymptomatic person, for the sake of the world, everyone should follow the protocol given by the World Health Organization. People with low immunity should be more careful as it might be life-threatening if they get affected.



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