How Long Do Brita Filters Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 months

The Brita water filters are known for providing purifying water to the users by eliminating the contaminants present in the water. The amount of water the person is trying to filter would predict when the Brita filters are supposed to be changed. The Brita water filters should be changed or replaced every 60 days to maintain the quality of the filter.

If someone keeps on using the filter for more than 2 to 3 months, then the working effectiveness of the filter would get reduced. There are many types of Brita water filters and the lasting time would be different for each type. The lasting period of the Brita Standard Filter is around 60 days.

The lasting period of the Brita Longlast Filter would be around 180 days. The lasting time of the Brita Steam Filter would be around 60 days.

How Long Do Brita Filters Last


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How Long Do Brita Filters Last?

Brita FiltersTime
In months2 months
In days60 days

The type of Brita filters the person is using would affect how long it would go. Maintenance of the Brita filters plays a vital role in increasing the shelf life of the filters. If the person would be filtering a huge amount of water using the filters, then the filters may have to get replaced early. The filters should be used as per requirement.

The Brita filters are great for separating the amount of chlorine present inside the water. The Brita filters may not eliminate all the harmful bacteria present inside the water. Brita filters may not be capable of removing the total lead percentage present in the water. It’s not that all the Brita filters work similarly.

Some Brita filters may show more powerful action in purifying the water. Everyone can trust Brita filters for removing chlorine from the water, but not lindane or atrazine. There are many other particles, harmful chemicals or contaminants present inside the water that may not be removed by Brita filters.

The type of pitcher used in the Brita filters would affect the lasting period. The presence of ion-exchange resin makes the Brita filter more effective in removing cadmium, zinc, and copper. The pores of the filters would be available in various sizes which would affect the results of the Brita filters.

Brita filters are not a complete device but can be fitted to pitcher jugs, and taps. Brita filters are also useful for purifying the water inside the water bottle as they can be fitted to the water bottles. Most of the chemicals can get removed by the Brita filter. The germs present inside the water can get removed by using the Brita filters properly.

Why Do Brita Filters Last This Long?

The lasting time of Brita filters depends on the manufacturing and how the person uses them. Everyone should try to maintain the Brita filters by proper cleaning and should take care of the hygiene. Using Brita filter in an incorrect way would cause them to not work properly. It’s better to change the Brita filters every 2 to 3 months.

Some Brita filters may go for around 6 months without asking for replacements. The person should know about all the types of Brita filters available in the market. Everyone can learn about the functions of the Brita filters as not all the types of Brita filters work effectively.

The Brita filters claim to purify almost all the dirt particles and chemicals present in the water. Sometimes, the Brita filters may not work as they claimed and this may be due to improper use. People need to use the Brita filters like a fitting and not device. Don’t use the Brita filters on the devices which the company doesn’t allow.

There is no such Brita filters design that could be capable of providing the person 100 percent purified water. Therefore, everyone can use the Brita filters for consuming better quality water.


The person needs to change the Brita filters when they are not working effectively. To not compromise on the quality of the water, the person should replace the Brita filters before it shows any sign. The company would mention the right time to replace or change the Brita filters.

The customers should stick to the instructions given by the company to not use the Brita filters in an incorrect way.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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