How Long Do Carrots Last In Fridge (And Why)?

How Long Do Carrots Last In Fridge (And Why)?

Exact Answer : 3-4 weeks

The scientific name of carrot is Daucus carota. It is a root vegetable. The most cotton part of the plant that is eaten is basically the root part. The plant was originated in Persia. They are biennial plants. It belongs to the Kingdom Plantae, Apiaceae family, and genus Daucus. It comes in a wide range of colors such as orange, red, yellow, etc.

The cultivators of carrots are divided into Eastern cultivators(European subcontinent) and western cultivators(West Asia). Carrots are eaten throughout the world for their high nutritional qualities. It is rich in alpha and beta carotenes, fibers, lots of water and also contains Vitamin K and Vitamin B6.

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How Long Do Carrots Last In Fridge?

Carrots can go bad in the fridge as well. The most common way the carrot roots is through the formation of mold. A white fuzzy substance that is a fungus grows on the carrot and makes it unfit for consumption. Another way to determine if the carrot is unfit is by seeing if it is rubbery or bendy. This happens because of dehydration.

In order to preserve carrots, many methods can be used. Green carrots should be cut and stored so that lesser dehydration takes place. It should be made sure that the carrots are stored away from the fruits and vegetables that produce ethylene. Ethylene is known to ripen fruits early. Some examples of ethylene-producing fruits are apples and bananas. Freezing carrots after blanching is also a good option. Blanching before freezing is important as it helps restore the flavor and texture of the carrot.

If kept in an open pantry, carrots last for only 4-7 days and when kept in the fridge they may last up to 4-5 weeks. The following table shows the life of different types of carrots:-

Types Of CarrotFridge Life
1. Fresh Carrots4-5 weeks
2. Baby Carrots3-4 weeks
3. Cooked Carrots1 week

Why Do Carrots Last For This Long In Fridge?

Carrots can go bad easily if kept at room temperature for a long time. This is because the growth of most of the bacteria and fungus take place at room temperature. The main reason why carrots go bad is due to the formation of fungus(white, fuzzy substance). In order to prevent the growth of fungus over the carrot, it should be refrigerated. Bacteria and fungus cannot thrive at much lower temperatures.

Another reason for carrot spoilage is dehydration. Dehydration of carrots results in the formation of white dots on it called the white blush. The best way to store carrots is by refrigerating them as a whole without removing their peel. The peel has all the nutrients and prevents dehydration. Baby carrots can be stored in a plastic bag with some holes. It will also serve the same purpose. Over time, the carrots deteriorate making them lose their nutritional value. Chopped carrots when frozen can last for a long time because no loss of moisture takes place.


Carrots are great for health. They are rich in many essential nutrients such as alpha and beta carotenes, fibers, water, and vitamins. It is high in carbohydrates as well such as sucrose. Carrot basically is a Persian plant but it is consumed in various parts of the world.

Carrots are known to go bad really fast. In order to preserve, their refrigeration is a must. If stored in an open pantry the vegetable lasts for 4-5 days. Rotten carrots can be spotted by the presence of a white slimy substance which is a fungus. Fungus and bacteria can be grown easily at room temperature that is why refrigeration comes to the rescue. Bacteria and fungus cannot grow at much lower temperatures. Fresh healthy carrots can last up to 4-5 weeks, cooked carrots up to 1 week and baby carrots can last up to 3-4 weeks in the fridge. Storing in the fridge prevents any types of bacterial growth and dehydration. That’s why carrots last for a long time in the fridge.



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