How Long Do Carrots Take To Roast (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 35 minutes

The roasting of carrots or any other root vegetables would take around 35 to 40 minutes. The roots vegetables such as beetroot and carrots are quite hard. These vegetables take some time to get cooked or roast in the microwave. The roasting of carrots would involve many steps. These steps would take more time.

The preparation of roasting is pivotal. The shape of the carrots should be correct or else it won’t get roasted properly. The type of carrots and ingredients used in the roasting process would affect how long the roasting process can go. If a person is going to roast a huge amount of carrots.

Then the roasting time would be quite long as the person is supposed to roast the carrots in batches. Roasting the carrots in the microwave is easier as it will not ask for any extra effort.

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How Long Do Carrots Take To Roast?

Minimum time35 minutes
Maximum time40 minutes

There are many things that one should be aware of before starting the roasting of carrots. The size of the carrots should not very thin or thick. The length of the carrots should not be more than 2 centimeters. Many people prefer carrots more than 2 centimeters which is also possible. The quality of the carrots plays a vital role in the roasting process. In the market, people will find both low and high-quality carrots.

High-quality carrots should be used in the roasting process. The premium quality carrots are good as they would get roasted in a few minutes. In the market, people would find old carrots which take a lot of time to get roasted. The addition of ingredients is a vital thing factor that would affect the roasting time.

If any person wants to add ingredients such as broccoli or potatoes to the carrots, then it may take extra time. Roasting the potatoes would take more time than carrots. If the person is preparing roasted carrots without any extra ingredients, then the time will be very less.

The addition of olive oil or any vegetable oil should be done in the required amount. If any person adds oil in less quantity, then the roasting will take more time. Adding the correct amount of oil will also help in the proper caramelization of carrots.

Why Do Carrots Take This Long To Roast?

There are many steps that the person is supposed to follow for roasting the carrots. These are:

Step 1- The first step starts with preheating the microwave to 200 degrees Celsius. Nobody should skip preheating as it is vital before starting baking or roasting. 

Step 2- The second step is to prepare the baking tray. Place the carrots on the baking tray with olive oil. The uniformity should be maintained while placing the carrots on the baking tray. Make sure all the slices of carrots are similar in size. Sprinkle salt and black pepper. People can use seasoning after the carrots are roasted properly.

Step 3- Place the tray in the microwave and allow the carrots to get caramelized. The carrots would be completely roast in 30 to 35 minutes.

If someone wants to have crispy carrots, then the roasting process would be around 35 to 40 minutes. The person should check the carrots as they may get burnt if put in the microwave for longer than required.

People can also use roasting skillets for roasting carrots. The carrots can get roasted in a skillet in just 20 to 25 minutes. The roasting of carrots in a roasting skillet should be preferred by people who can constantly check with the carrots in the skillets.

The roasting of carrots in a skillet requires no extra ingredients and is almost similar to the microwave roasting ingredients.


The roasting time would depend on how the person wants to roast the carrots. The people can also roast carrots in pans. The taste of the carrots after getting roasted would be almost the same for both microwave and skillet pans. People can put any seasoning ingredients on the roasted carrots before or after the roasting process.

Following each step correctly is vital for roasting the carrots in very little time.



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