How Long To Roast Carrots (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 Minutes

Deciding what to prepare for a side dish can be confusing. There are so many options to choose from a variety available. The side dish must be easy to cook and should be something that everyone likes. Amongst the many options to select, one of them is carrot.



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Carrots are some of the best options for a dish that can be easy to make. It can be roasted and served as a side dish. It is light to eat and also tastes better with the main course. However, it is indeed necessary to know how long it should get roasted for the perfect flavor.

How Long To Roast Carrots

How Long To Roast Carrots?

Carrots are universal, and they are great for maintaining health. They are very versatile if one wants to consume them. Carrots are consumed just like it is, or as a juice. There is also carrot cake that gets made with carrots and has a very distinct flavor.

Along with these options, there is one more option that one can opt for, which is roasting the carrots. Carrots are a great side dish. When carrots get roasted, their natural sugars tend to get caramelized, and hence give a great taste.

However, the carrots must be roasted in a perfect style so that the best taste can come out. It takes proper temperature and timing so that the carrots turn out as it is supposed to.

Time is required in cooking food. It doesn’t;t matter if it is a side dish like roasted carrots. Even that requires time. It is also necessary to cook the carrot for the required time only. As cooking it for a longer time can lead to overcooking. Roasted carrots will not taste good if they are overcooked.

The ideal temperature that the carrots need to get roasted for is 400 degrees. That should take about twenty minutes for the carrots to get roasted perfectly.

TemperatureTime To Roast
350 Degrees FahrenheitUp to 35 minutes
375 Degrees FahrenheitUp to 30 minutes
400 Degrees FahrenheitUp to 25 minutes
425 Degrees FahrenheitUp to 20 minutes

Why To Roast Carrots For That Long?

Cooking different items will take a varied amount of time. It majorly depends upon what gets cooked. When it is about a side dish, they usually take lesser time than the main course. Some side dishes can take as little as 10 minutes, while some might take more.

Roasting carrots, on the other hand, takes about 20 to 30 minutes of cooking time. It also depends on the temperature at which the carrot is getting roasted. However, roasting the carrots on medium to high heat is recommended as it will save time, and also, the carrots will get roasted nicely.

Roasting carrots at low temperatures can cause the carrots to get undercooked. It will also take more time. When it comes to roasting carrots, a lot of factors have to get considered. Those factors determine how much time the roasting is going to take. Below are a few reasons that will decide why it takes so long to roast carrots.

  • The first factor is the thickness of the carrot. If the carrot gets cut into thick pieces, it will take longer to roast the carrots. On the other hand, the carrots get roasted faster if it is thinly cut.
  • Temperature is another factor when roasting carrots. Carrots need to get roasted for a longer time if the temperature is low. Roasting at a high temperature will save time. However, it can lead to the carrots getting roasted more than required.
  • It also matters if the carrots are getting roasted whole or in pieces. Whole carrots will take more time to get roast.


For cooking anything to perfection, it is imminent to put in the time that the food deserves. Cooking in haste will often lead to the food getting undercooked, and the outcome will not be that flavourful.

Roasted carrots taste good when they get caramelized to perfection. To get to that point, it is imminent that the carrots get roasted on appropriate heat. 

Roasted carrots can be a good choice for a side dish. The fact is it looks good and is even quite mouth-watering.



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